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    • Two-level Pipelining of Systolic Array Graphics Engines 

      Jayasinghe, J. A. K. S.; Herrmann, O. E. (The Eurographics Association, 1989)
      In a systolic array, the maximum operating speed is determined by the most complex operation performed. In a systolic army graphics engine, capable of generating high quality images, one has to perform complex operations ...
    • Two-manifold cell-decomposition of r-sets. 

      Falcidieno, Bianca; Ratto, Ornella (Blackwell Science Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1992)
      This paper discusses the relationships studied between manifold solids and r-sets by defining an r-set as a decomposition in two-manifold cells. This decomposition is represented as a graph (Two-manifold Cell Decomposition ...
    • A Two-Pass Hardware-Based Method for Hierarchical Radiosity 

      Martin, I.; Pueyo, X.; Tost, D. (Blackwell Publishers Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1998)
      Finite elements methods for radiosity are aimed at computing global illumination solutions efficiently. However these methods are not suitable for obtaining high quality images due to the lack of error control. Two-pass ...
    • Two-Pass Image and Volume Rotation 

      Chen, Baoquan; Kaufman, Arie (The Eurographics Association, 2001)
      We present a novel two-pass approach for both 2D image and 3D volume rotation. Each pass is a pseudo shear. However, it has a similar regularity as a pure shear in that a beam remains rigid while being sheared. Furthermore, ...
    • Two-phase Hair Image Synthesis by Self-Enhancing Generative Model 

      Qiu, Haonan; Wang, Chuan; Zhu, Hang; zhu, xiangyu; Gu, Jinjin; Han, Xiaoguang (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019)
      Generating plausible hair image given limited guidance, such as sparse sketches or low-resolution image, has been made possible with the rise of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Traditional image-to-image translation ...
    • A Two-Stage Approach for Interpreting Line Drawings of Curved Objects 

      Varley, P. A. C.; Takahashi, Y.; Mitani, J.; Suzuki, H. (The Eurographics Association, 2004)
      We describe a two-stage approach for interpreting line drawings of curved objects. In the first stage, the user enters a natu-ral line drawing of a polyhedral template; this is automatically interpreted as the corresponding ...
    • Two-step Prediction and Image Deflection for Exact Head Tracking in Virtual Environments 

      Mazuryk, Tomasz; Gervautz, Michael (Blackwell Science Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1995)
    • Two-way Coupling of Fluids to Reduced Deformable Bodies 

      Lu, Wenlong; Jin, Ning; Fedkiw, Ronald P. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      We propose a fully monolithic two-way coupling framework that couples incompressible fluids to reduced deformable bodies. Notably, the resulting linear system matrix is both symmetric and positive-definite. Our method ...
    • Two-way Coupling of Rigid and Deformable Bodies 

      Shinar, Tamar; Schroeder, Craig; Fedkiw, Ronald (The Eurographics Association, 2008)
      We propose a framework for the full two-way coupling of rigid and deformable bodies, which is achieved with both a unified time integration scheme as well as individual two-way coupled algorithms at each point of that ...
    • TypoTweet Maps: Characterizing Urban Areas through Typographic Social Media Visualization 

      Godwin, Alex; Wang, Yongxin; Stasko, John T. (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      Analyzing the important events and news stories that have captured the public interest in a city can be useful for determining the topics that are vital to the people that live there. Social media data, such as tweets, ...
    • UberFlow: A GPU-Based Particle Engine 

      Kipfer, Peter; Segal, Mark; Westermann, Rüdiger (The Eurographics Association, 2004)
      We present a system for real-time animation and rendering of large particle sets using GPU computation and memory objects in OpenGL. Memory objects can be used both as containers for geometry data stored on the graphics ...
    • Ubiquitous Virtual Reality: Accessing Shared Virtual Environments through Videoconferencing Technology 

      Pfeiffer, Thies; Weber, Matthias; Jung, Bernhard (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      This paper presents an alternative to existing methods for remotely accessing Virtual Reality (VR) systems. Common solutions are based on specialised software and/or hardware capable of rendering 3D content, which not only ...
    • UDMV 2016: Frontmatter 

      Vincent Tourre; Filip Biljecki (Eurographics Association, 2016)
    • UI-Net: Interactive Artificial Neural Networks for Iterative Image Segmentation Based on a User Model 

      Amrehn, Mario; Gaube, Sven; Unberath, Mathias; Schebesch, Frank; Horz, Tim; Strumia, Maddalena; Steidl, Stefan; Kowarschik, Markus; Maier, Andreas (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      For complex segmentation tasks, fully automatic systems are inherently limited in their achievable accuracy for extracting relevant objects. Especially in cases where only few data sets need to be processed for a highly ...
    • UK Chapter of the Eurographics Association 

      Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1984)
    • UK Chapter of the EUROGRAPHICS Association CONSTITUTION 

      Unknown author (Blackwell Publishing Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1986)
    • UltraPaint: A New Approach to a Painting System 

      Watters, Geoff; Willis, Philip (Blackwell Publishing Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1987)
      The ideas underlying a Painting System being developed at the University of Bath are introduced. This differs from a conventional system in that ultra high definition pictures of upto 1 gigabyte may be created. We discuss ...
    • Ultrasound Decompression for Large Field-of-View Reconstructions 

      Schulte zu Berge, Christian; Salehi, Mehrdad; Bender, Frederik; Wein, Wolfgang (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
      Tracked medical ultrasound allows for cost-effective and radiation-free imaging of anatomy featuring a very high spatial resolution. To overcome the limitations of the small field-of-view, sonographers can acquire multiple ...
    • Ultrasound Painting of Liver Vascular Tree 

      Birkeland, Asmund; Viola, Ivan (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
      In treatment planning and surgical interventions, physicians and surgeons need information about the spatial extent of specific features and the surrounding structures. Previous techniques for extracting features, based ...
    • Un Algoritmo de Muestreo exacto para BRDFs Arbitrarias 

      Montes, R.; Urena, C.; Lastra, M.; Garcia, R. (The Eurographics Association, 2008)
      Este trabajo presenta un algoritmo para el muestreo eficiente y exacto de BRDF genéricas, esto es, apto para cualquiera de los modelos de BRDFs analíticos o adquiridos de la literatura de informática gráfica. Nuestro ...