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    • C 2 Gregory patch 

      Miuraa, Kenjiro Takai; Wangb, Kuo-King (Eurographics Association, 1991)
      G² continuity of free-form surfaces is sometimes very important in engineering applications. The conditions for G2 continuity between two Bezier patches has been studied and methods developed to ensure such continuity. ...
    • C++ Compile Time Polymorphism for Ray Tracing 

      Zellmann, Stefan; Lang, Ulrich (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      Reducing the amount of conditional branching instructions in innermost loops is crucial for high performance code on contemporary hardware architectures. In the context of ray tracing algorithms, typical examples for ...
    • C-BDAM - Compressed Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes for Terrain Rendering 

      Gobbetti, E.; Marton, F.; Cignoni, P.; Di Benedetto, M.; Ganovelli, F. (The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing, Inc, 2006)
      We describe a compressed multiresolution representation for supporting interactive rendering of very large planar and spherical terrain surfaces. The technique, called Compressed Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes (C-BDAM), ...
    • C-LOD: Context-aware Material Level-of-Detail applied to Mobile Graphics 

      Koulieris, George Alex; Drettakis, George; Cunningham, Douglas; Mania, Katerina (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2014)
      Attention-based Level-Of-Detail (LOD) managers downgrade the quality of areas that are expected to go unnoticed by an observer to economize on computational resources. The perceptibility of lowered visual fidelity is ...
    • c-Space: Time-evolving 3D Models (4D) from Heterogeneous Distributed Video Sources 

      Ritz, Martin; Knuth, Martin; Domajnko, Matevz; Posniak, Oliver; Santos, Pedro; Fellner, Dieter W. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      We introduce c-Space, an approach to automated 4D reconstruction of dynamic real world scenes, represented as time-evolving 3D geometry streams, available to everyone. Our novel technique solves the problem of fusing all ...
    • C. G .A. L. 

      Comninos, Peter; Webster, Graeme (The Eurographics Association, 1980)
      C.G.A.L. stands for Computer Graphics and Animation Language, and as its name implies, it is a computer language especially designed to help the user produce still and animated pictures with a Digital Computer. The major ...
    • C02 - CO-processador Gráfico COncorrente 

      Guerreiro, Rui; Janeiro, Florival; Pereira, João (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
      O Co-processador Gráfico Concorrente é um projecto de software e de hardware, tendo em vista a obtenção de um sistema gráfico para visualização de imagens 30 de alta resolução e com elevado grau de realismo, em tempo real. ...
    • A C2 Polar Jet Subdivision 

      Karciauskas, K.; Myles, A.; Peters, J. (The Eurographics Association, 2006)
      We describe a subdivision scheme that acts on control nodes that each carry a vector of values. Each vector defines partial derivatives, referred to as jets in the following and subdivision computes new jets from old jets. ...
    • Cable Joints 

      Müller, Matthias; Chentanez, Nuttapong; Jeschke, Stefan; Macklin, Miles (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018)
      Robustly and efficiently simulating cables and ropes that are part of a larger system such as cable driven machines, cable cars or tendons in a human or robot is a challenging task. To be able to adapt to the environment, ...
    • Cache based Optimization of Stencil Computations - An Algorithmic Approach 

      Shaheen, Mohammed (Shaheen, Mohammed, 2013-11-05)
      We are witnessing a fundamental paradigm shift in computer design. Memory has beenand is becoming more hierarchical. Clock frequency is no longer crucial for performance.The on-chip core count is doubling rapidly. The quest ...
    • Cache-Efficient Layouts of Bounding Volume Hierarchies 

      Yoon, Sung-Eui; Manocha, Dinesh (The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing, Inc, 2006)
    • Cache-Efficient Parallel Isosurface Extraction for Shared Cache Multicores 

      Tchiboukdjian, Marc; Danjean, Vincent; Raffin, Bruno (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
      This paper proposes to revisit isosurface extraction algorithms taking into consideration two specific aspects of recent multicore architectures: their intrinsic parallelism associated with the presence of multiple computing ...

      Leinemann, Klaus (The Eurographics Association, 1980)
      The CAD - system named GRIMBI is designed to support the functional modelling of large engineering systems. GRIMBI includes a data definition facility, to define model classes functionally and graphically. The data ...
    • CAD 3D Model Classification by Graph Neural Networks: A new Approach based on STEP Format 

      Mandelli, Lorenzo; Berretti, Stefano (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
      In this paper, we introduce a new approach for retrieval and classification of 3D models that directly performs in the Computer- Aided Design (CAD) format without any conversion to other representations like point clouds ...
    • CAD For Intelligent Activity of an Autonomous Submersible System 

      Russell, G T; Lane, D M (Blackwell Publishing Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1984)
      This paper describes a CAD facility for the design of automatic guidance and control strategies for an unmanned autonomous submersible. The facility utilises a three dimensional colour graphics display of the scene and ...
    • CAD in the Design of Railway-Highway Intersection Safety Equipment and Railway Station Safety Equipment 

      Vilfan, B.; Kolar, R.; Toni, M.; Marusic, M.; Mahnic, V. (The Eurographics Association, 1983)
      We describe a software package for the automation of design activities and the automatic production of design documentation. The package is currently beeing used by a consulting organisation in the design of railway -highway ...
    • A CAD System for Color Design of a Car 

      Oshima, Tetsuya; Yuasa, Shinji; Sakanoshita, Ken-ichi; Ogata, Yoshinori (Blackwell Science Ltd and the Eurographics Association, 1992)
      We have developed a color CAD system which enables a color designer to evaluate and create body colors of a car on a graphic display and put this system into practical use. The system has three features- generating realistic ...
    • CAD/CAE visualization in virtual environment for automotive industry 

      Paillot, D.; Merienne, F.; Thivent, S. (The Eurographics Association, 2003)
      In this paper we propose a method to link CAD models to an immersive environment. Since CAD models can not be directly viewed in a real-time visualization environment, we present here a complete chain of adapta-tion steps ...

      Sondergaard, Aage (The Eurographics Association, 1984)
      The immense and complicated task of converting a traditional cadastral map production into the most modern computer assisted interactive graphic production technique, and at the same time achieve increased productivity, ...
    • A Cadeira de 'Projecto Auxiliado por Computador' do 52 Ano de Engenharia Civil do IST 

      Santo, Harold P. (The Eurographics Association, 2023)