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    • Shape Correspondence with Isometric and Non-Isometric Deformations 

      Dyke, R. M.; Stride, C.; Lai, Y.-K.; Rosin, P. L.; Aubry, M.; Boyarski, A.; Bronstein, A. M.; Bronstein, M. M.; Cremers, D.; Fisher, M.; Groueix, T.; Guo, D.; Kim, V. G.; Kimmel, R.; Lähner, Z.; Li, K.; Litany, O.; Remez, T.; Rodolà, E.; Russell, B. C.; Sahillioglu, Y.; Slossberg, R.; Tam, G. K. L.; Vestner, M.; Wu, Z.; Yang, J. (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      The registration of surfaces with non-rigid deformation, especially non-isometric deformations, is a challenging problem. When applying such techniques to real scans, the problem is compounded by topological and geometric ...