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    • CEIG 2019: Frontmatter 

      Casas, Dan; Jarabo, Adrián (Eurographics Association, 2019)
    • Computing the Bidirectional Scattering of a Microstructure Using Scalar Diffraction Theory and Path Tracing 

      Falster, Viggo; Jarabo, Adrián; Frisvad, Jeppe Revall (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2020)
      Most models for bidirectional surface scattering by arbitrary explicitly defined microgeometry are either based on geometric optics and include multiple scattering but no diffraction effects or based on wave optics and ...
    • A Learned Radiance-Field Representation for Complex Luminaires 

      Condor, Jorge; Jarabo, Adrián (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
      We propose an efficient method for rendering complex luminaires using a high quality octree-based representation of the luminaire emission. Complex luminaires are a particularly challenging problem in rendering, due to ...
    • Plenoptic Light Transport 

      Jarabo, Adrián (2015-11-27)
      In this thesis we focus on the multidimensional nature of light transport as described by the plenoptic function, and in particular in the angular and temporal domains. While traditional imaging has been limited to ...