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    • GPU-Based Contact-Aware Trajectory Optimization Using A Smooth Force Model 

      Pan, Zherong; Ren, Bo; Manocha, Dinesh (ACM, 2019)
      We present a new formulation of trajectory optimization for articulated bodies. Our approach uses a fully differentiable dynamic model of the articulated body, and a smooth force model that approximates all kinds of ...
    • Occluder Generation for Buildings in Digital Games 

      Wu, Kui; He, Xu; Pan, Zherong; Gao, Xifeng (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2022)
      Occlusion culling has become a prevalent method in modern game engines. It can significantly reduce the rendering cost by using an approximate coarse mesh (occluder) for culling hidden objects. An ideal occluder should use ...