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    • Error Correction in Redirection: Rotational Manipulation for Natural Walking and Control of Walking Paths 

      Mizutani, Junya; Matsumoto, Keigo; Nagao, Ryohei; Narumi, Takuji; Tanikawa, Tomohiro; Hirose, Michitaka (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
      This study proposes a novel rotational manipulation method for redirection when users attempt to turn around a corner within a virtual environment. The basic manipulation of conventional redirection can be classified into ...
    • Visuo-Haptic Redirected Walking Using Handrail 

      Matsumoto, Keigo; Narumi, Takuji; Yanase, Yohei; Ban, Yuki; Tanikawa, Tomohiro; Hirose, Michitaka (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
      A novel use of virtual reality (VR) was demonstrated. It enables a user to feel walking a straight virtual corridor while touching straight handrails, although the user walks while gripping circular handrails within a ...
    • Wider IPD Makes People Perceive Their Body to be not so Large when Large Hands are Presented 

      Mine, Daisuke; Ogawa, Nami; Narumi, Takuji; Yokosawa, Kazuhiko (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      It is known that hand size and the interpupillary distance (IPD), as well as eye height from the ground, are some of the determinants of body size. We investigated the effect of simultaneous changes in hand size and IPD ...