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    • Defining Hatching in Art 

      Philbrick, Greg; Kaplan, Craig S. (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      We define hatching-a drawing technique-as rigorously as possible. A pure mathematical formulation or even a binary this-or-that definition is unreachable, but useful insights come from driving as close as we can. First we ...
    • Frontmatter: Expressive 2019 

      Kaplan, Craig S.; Forbes, Angus; DiVerdi, Stephen (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
    • Stylized Stereoscopic 3D Line Drawings from 3D Images 

      Istead, Lesley; Kaplan, Craig S. (ACM, 2018)
      Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) line drawings were introduced by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838. S3D line drawings persist today in various art forms, such as comic books. Stereoscopic 3D line drawings may be hand-drawn or generated ...