Recent Submissions

  • Sketch and Shade: An interactive assistant for sketching and shading 

    Parakkat, Amal Dev; Joshi, Sarang Anil; Pundarikaksha, Uday Bondi; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    We present a drawing assistant for sketching and for assisting users in shading a hand drawn sketch. The augmented reality based system uses a sketch made by a professional and uses it to help inexperienced users to do ...
  • Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces 

    Altıok, Ozan Can; Sezgin, Tev k Metin (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    From a user interaction perspective, speech and sketching make a good couple for describing motion. Speech allows easy speci cation of content, events and relationships, while sketching brings in spatial expressiveness. ...
  • Modeling Go: A mobile sketch-based modeling system for extracting objects 

    Lai, Chun-An; Chiang, Pei-Ying (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    This article presents an easy to use mobile application which allows users to create 3D digital copies of their interested objects anywhere and anytime. An advanced 3-sweep modeling technique is developed to construct 3D ...
  • Shading with Painterly Filtered Layers: A Technique to Obtain Painterly Portrait Animations 

    Castaneda, Saif; Akleman, Ergun (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    In this manuscript, we describe a process that can be used to create still and/or animated portrait paintings to be shown in Expressive Art Exhibit. Our process consists of two stages: (1) Creation of control textures for ...
  • A taxonomy of motion applications in data visualization 

    Torre-Arenas, Irene de la; Cruz, Pedro (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    We propose a new taxonomy that explains the roles of motion in data visualization, focusing especially on their communicative aspects. Our taxonomy clarifies the main axis in how visualization designers can employ motion ...
  • Context-aware Clustering and Assessment of Photo Collections 

    Kuzovkin, Dmitry; Pouli, Tania; Cozot, Rémi; Meur, Olivier Le; Kervec, Jonathan; Bouatouch, Kadi (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    To ensure that all important moments of an event are represented and that challenging scenes are correctly captured, both amateur and professional photographers often opt for taking large quantities of photographs. As such, ...
  • Detail and Color Enhancement in Photo Stylization 

    Azami, Rosa; Mould, David (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    Abstraction in non-photorealistic rendering reduces the amount of detail, yet non-essential details can improve visual interest and thus make an image more appealing. In this paper, we propose an automatic system for photo ...
  • Organized Order in Ornamentation 

    Gieseke, Lena; Asente, Paul; Lu, Jingwan; Fuchs, Martin (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    Decorative ornamentation involves a careful balance between accent and order. Existing techniques leave artists either with tedious manual processes or the uncontrolled automatic generation of rather homogeneous patterns ...
  • Soft Shadow Art 

    Min, Sehee; Lee, Jaedong; Won, Jungdam; Lee, Jehee (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    Shadow art is a form of sculptural art in which the con guration of lights and sculptures cast 2D shadows for artistic e ect. Previous computational methods for the creation of shadow art assumes a single point light that ...
  • Polygons, Points, or Voxels? Stimuli Selection for Crowdsourcing Aesthetics Preferences of 3D Shape Pairs 

    Dev, Kapil; Villar, Nicolas; Lau, Manfred (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    Visual aesthetics is one of the fundamental perceptual properties of 3D shapes. Since the perception of shape aesthetics can be subjective, we take a data-driven approach and consider the human preferences of shape aesthetics. ...
  • FlowBrush: Optical Flow Art 

    Kurzhals, Kuno; Stoll, Michael; Bruhn, Andrés; Weiskopf, Daniel (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    The depiction of motion in static representations has a long tradition in art and science alike. Often, motion is depicted by spatiotemporal summarizations that try to preserve as much information of the original dynamic ...
  • Front- and Backmatter: Computational Aesthetics 2017 

    Holger Winnemoeller; Lyn Bartram (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
  • Daisy Visualization for Graphs 

    Etemad, Katayoon; Samavati, Faramarz; Carpendale, Sheelagh (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Since graphs are ubiquitous representations of data that are used in many applications, creating graph layouts is an important problem. These graph layouts are usefully discussed in terms of aesthetics that originated from ...
  • Quantum Art 

    Lioret, Alain (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    The use of quantum computing in the creation of art is proving to be very interesting since it allows both the exploration of digital work using new algorithms and of artistic creation based on new concepts. These new ...
  • Stippling with Aerial Robots 

    Galea, Brendan; Kia, Ehsan; Aird, Nicholas; Kry, Paul G. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    We describe a method for creating stippled prints using a quadrotor flying robot. At a low level, we use motion capture to measure the position of the robot and the canvas, and a robust control algorithm to command the ...
  • Barycentric Shaders: Art Directed Shading Using Control Images 

    Akleman, Ergun; Liu, S.; House, Donald (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    In this paper, we present Barycentric Shaders, a shading framework based on barycentric algebra, for the development of shader functions providing intuitive art-directed control. The framework guarantees that whatever style ...
  • Parameterized Skin for Rendering Flushing Due to Exertion 

    Vieira, Teresa (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    It is known that physical exercise increases bloodflow and flushing of the facial skin. When digital artists hand-paint the textures for animation of realistic effects such as flushing due to exertion, they observe real-life ...
  • Painted Stained Glass 

    Doyle, Lars; Mould, David (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    We propose a new region-based method for stained glass rendering of an input photograph. We achieve more regular region sizes than previous methods by using simple linear iterative clustering, or SLIC, to obtain tile ...
  • EXPRESSIVE 2016: Frontmatter 

    Angus Forbes; Lyn Bartram; Pierre Bénard; Holger Winnemöller; Yotam Gingold; Ergun Akleman (Eurographics Association, 2016)
  • Spirograph inspired visualization of ecological networks 

    Etemad, Katayoon; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Samavati, Faramarz (ACM, 2014)
    Ecological networks are directed weighted graphs for representing direct and indirect relationships between species in ecosystems. These complex cyclic networks play an important role in understanding an ecosystem's dynamics. ...

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