Computer Graphics Forum 2015 / CGF 34 - 8 

Jarabo, Adrian; Masia, Belen; Velten, Andreas; Barsi, Christopher; Raskar, Ramesh; Gutierrez, Diego
Relativistic Effects for Time‐Resolved Light Transport

Beyer, Johanna; Hadwiger, Markus; Pfister, Hanspeter
State‐of‐the‐Art in GPU‐Based Large‐Scale Volume Visualization

Melo, M.; Bessa, M.; Debattista, K.; Chalmers, A.
Evaluation of Tone‐Mapping Operators for HDR Video Under Different Ambient Luminance Levels

Firmin, M.; Panne, M.
Controller Design for Multi‐Skilled Bipedal Characters

Attene, Marco
Shapes In a Box: Disassembling 3D Objects for Efficient Packing and Fabrication

Ljubovic, V.; Supic, H.
Improving Performance of Image Retrieval Based on Fuzzy Colour Histograms by Using Hybrid Colour Model and Genetic Algorithm

Bus, N.; Mustafa, N. H.; Biri, V.
Global Illumination Using Well‐Separated Pair Decomposition

Belyaev, Alexander G.; Fayolle, Pierre‐Alain
On Variational and PDE‐Based Distance Function Approximations

Andersson, M.; Hasselgren, J.; Munkberg, J.; Akenine‐Möller, T.
Filtered Stochastic Shadow Mapping Using a Layered Approach

Turmukhambetov, Daniyar; Campbell, Neill D.F.; Goldman, Dan B; Kautz, Jan
Interactive Sketch‐Driven Image Synthesis

Vinkler, M.; Havran, V.
Register Efficient Dynamic Memory Allocator for GPUs

Untereiner, L.; Kraemer, P.; Cazier, D.; Bechmann, D.
CPH: A Compact Representation for Hierarchical Meshes Generated by Primal Refinement

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