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Animation Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces

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Human Visual System Models in Computer Graphics

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Study of parallel techniques applied to surface reconstruction from unorganized and unoriented point clouds

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NURBS-compatible subdivision surfaces

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Real-time High Quality HDR Illumination and Tonemapped Rendering

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Constraint-Based Surface Processing for Geometric Modeling and Architecture

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Exploiting Coherence in Lighting and Shading Computations

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Process-Based Design of Multimedia Annotation Systems

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Visual Analytics of Large Weighted Directed Graphs and Two-Dimensional Time-Dependent Data

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Visibility Computations for Real-Time Rendering in General 3D Environments

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Processing of Façade Imagery

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Visual Exploration and Analysisof Perfusion Data

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A Robust Approach to Interactive Virtual Cutting: Geometry and Color

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Digital Processing and Management Tools for 2D and 3D Shape Repositories

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Hybrid Methods for Interactive Shape Manipulation

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Filament-Based Smoke