SIACG 2006: Ibero-American Symposium in Computer Graphics 2006

Suárez, Nuria; Susín, Antonio
A Mesh-Particle Model for Fluid Animation

Orvalho, V. Costa Teixeira; Zacur, Ernesto; Susín, Antonio
Transferring Facial Expressions to Different Face Models

Fernandes, A. Ramires; Deusdado, L.
Efficient Conservative Collision Detection for Populated Virtual Worlds

Mas, Albert; Besuievsky, Gonzalo
Automatic architectural 3D model generation with sunlight simulation

Branco, Pedro; Encarnação, L. Miguel; Marcos, Adérito
It's all in the Face: Studies on Monitoring Users' Experience

Nunes, Samuel; Almeida, Daniel; Brito, Vera; Carvalho, Joao; Rodrigues, Joao; Buf, J. M. Hans du
Perception-based painterly rendering: functionality and interface design

Joan-Arinyo, Robert; Vilaplana, Josep
Interactive Cutting in Voxel-Based Objects. Application to Simulate Transurethral Resection of the Prostate

Rodríguez, Lyudmila; Navazo, Isabel; Vinacua, Álvar
Data-driven Tetrahedral Mesh Subdivision

Campos, Jordi; Puig, Anna; Tost, Dani
Efficient focus+context visual exploration of volume datasets

Almeida, Miguel Vieira; Dias, Jose Miguel Sales
Kit Assembly Helper in Augmented Reality

Moroni, Artemis Sanchez; Manzolli, Jonatas; Zuben, Fernando Von
ArTbitrating JaVox: Evolution Applied to Visual and Sound Composition

Coelho, António; Bessa, Maximino; Sousa, A. Augusto de; Ferreira, F. Nunes
Expeditious Modelling of Virtual Urban Environments with Geospatial L-systems

Ogayar, Carlos Javier; Feito, Francisco R.; Segura, Rafael J.; Rivero, Marilina
GPU-based Evaluation of Boolean Operations on Triangulated Solids

Charalambos, Jean Pierre
Coherent Hierarchical Level-of-Detail (HLOD) Refinement Through Hardware Occlusion Queries

Fernández-Sorribes, Jose Antonio; González-Morcillo, Carlos; Jiménez-Linares, Luis
Grid Architecture for Distributed Rendering

García, Ángel Luis; Miras, Juan Ruiz de; Feito, Francisco R.
Adaptive trimming of cubic triangular Bézier patches

Freixas, Marc; Grau, Sergi; Silva, David
Boolean Operations in Open-Source Blender Project

Silva, Samuel; Ferreira, Carlos; Madeira, Joaquim; Santos, Beatriz Sousa
Perceived Quality of Simplified Polygonal Meshes: Evaluation using Observer Studies

Hupont, Isabelle; Cerezo, Eva
Individualizing the New Interfaces: Extraction of User's Emotions from Facial Data

Jota, Ricardo; Ferreira, Alfredo; Cerejo, Mariana; Santos, José; Fonseca, Manuel J.; Jorge, Joaquim A.
Recognizing Hand Gestures with CALI

Santurde, Jokin; Borro, Diego; Matey, Luis M.
Skin Detection for Hand Gesture Interfaces using Assimilative Background

Vicens, Fernando; Linares, Jordi; Sancho, Sergio
Augmented Reality Assistance in Forest Fire Fighting

Batalha, Joao; Dias, Miguel S.
Magic in Augmented Reality