Computer Graphics Forum 1991 / CGF 10 - 4 

Ojala, Jari; Inoue, Kenji; Sasaki, Ken; Takano, Masaharu
Development of an Intelligent Wheelchair Using Computer Graphics Animation and Simulation

Bhalla, Neelam; Balasundaram, S.
Object-Oriented Data Modelling for Graphics Databases: a Declarative Approach

Fong, Philip; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Control Points for Multivariate B-Spline Surfaces over Arbitrary Triangulations

Seebold, Patrice; Slowinski, Karine
The Shortest Way to Draw a Connected Picture

Pickover, C.
From Math Comes Beauty: Monkey Curves, Spirals, and Saddles

Pickover, Cliff
Million-Point Sculptures