Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging 2005

Greenfield, Gary
On the Origins of the Term Computational Aesthetics

Hoenig, Florian
Defining Computational Aesthetics

Xu, Hui; Gossett, Nathan; Chen, Baoquan
Abstraction and Depiction of Sparsely Scanned Outdoor Environments

DiBlasi, G.; Gallo, G.; Petralia, M.
Fast Techniques for Mosaic Rendering

Isenberg, Tobias; Carpendale, M. Sheelagh T.; Sousa, Mario Costa
Breaking the Pixel Barrier

Kaplan, Matthew; Cohen, Elaine
A Generative Model For Dynamic Canvas Motion

Sousa, Mario Costa; Gooch, Amy Ashurst; Gooch, Bruce
Illustrative Scientific Visualization Framework

Wyvill, Brian; Foster, Kevin; Jepp, Pauline; Schmidt, Ryan; Sousa, Mario Costa; Jorge, Joaquim A.
Sketch Based Construction and Rendering of Implicit Models

Georgiev, Todor
Aesthetics in Covariant Image Reconstruction

Gooch, Amy A.; Gooch, Bruce
Enhancing Perceived Depth in Images Via Artistic Matting

Greenfield, Gary R.; House, Donald H.
A Palette-Driven Approach to Image Color Transfer

Grundland, Mark; Dodgson, Neil A.
Color Search and Replace

Neumann, Attila; Neumann, László
Color Style Transfer Techniques using Hue, Lightness and Saturation Histogram Matching

Glaeser, Georg
On Nonlinear Perspectives in Science, Art and Nature

Marty, Alain
Straight away on Curved Spaces

Stavrakis, Stathis; Gelautz, Margrit
Computer Generated Stereoscopic Artwork

Greenfield, Gary R.
Designing Metrics for the Purpose of Aesthetically Evaluating

Matkovic, Kresimir; Neumann, László; Neumann, Attila; Psik, Thomas; Purgathofer, Werner
Global Contrast Factor - a New Approach to Image Contrast

Acebo, Esteve Del; Sbert, Mateu
Benford's Law for Natural and Synthetic Images

Rigau, Jaume; Feixas, Miquel; Sbert, Mateu
An Information-Theoretic Framework for Image Complexity

Sbert, Mateu; Plemenos, Dimitri; Feixas, Miquel; González, Francisco
Viewpoint Quality: Measures and Applications

Götzelmann, Timo; Ali, Kamran; Hartmann, Knut; Strothotte, Thomas
Form Follows Function: Aesthetic Interactive Labels

Sousa, Mario Costa; Ebert, David S.; Stredney, Don; Svakhine, Nikolai A.
Illustrative Visualization for Medical Training

Viola, Ivan; Gröller, Eduard
Smart Visibility in Visualization

Meyer, Gary W.; Shimizu, Clement
Computational Automotive Color Appearance

Shimizu, Clement; Meyer, Gary W.
Computer Aided Color Appearance Design using Environment Map Based Lighting

Neumann, László; Nemcsics, Antal; Neumann, Attila
Computational Color Harmony based on Coloroid System

Wilkie, Alexander; Larboulette, Caroline; Purgathofer, Werner
Spectral Colour Order Systems and Appearance Metrics for Fluorescent Solid Colours