Computer Graphics Forum 2004 / CGF 23 - 3 

Fuchs, Henry
Immersive Integration of Physical and Virtual Environments

Desbrun, Mathieu
Applied Geometry:Discrete Differential Calculus for Graphics

Dutre, Philip
Image-based Relighting, and Computer Vision

Arvo, Jukka; Hirvikorpi, Mika; Tyystjaervi, Joonas
Approximate Soft Shadows win an Image-Space Flood-Fill Algorithm

Mei, Chunhui; Shi, Jiaoying; Wu, Fuli
Rendering with Spherical Radiance Transport Maps

Sbert, Mateu; Szecsi, Laszlo; Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo
Real-time Light Animation

Shesh, Amit; Chen, Baoquan
SMARTPAPER: An Interactive and User Friendly Sketching System

Zhang, Jian. J.; You, L. H.
Fast Surface Modelling Using a 6th Order PDE

Foufou, Sebti; Garnier, Lionel
Dupin Cyclide Blends Between Quadric Surfaces for Shape Modeling

Krishnaswamy, Aravind; Baranoski, Gladimir V.G.
A Biophysically-Based Spectral Model of Light Interaction with Human Skin

Desbenoit, Brett; Galin, Eric; Akkouche, Samir
Simulating and modeling lichen growth

Galbraith, Callum; Muendermann, Lars; Wyvill, Brian
Implicit Visualization and Inverse Modeling of Growing Trees

Bosch, Carles; Pueyo, Xavier; Merillou, Stephane; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
A Physically-Based Model for Rendering Realistic Scratches

Gopi, M.; Eppstien, David
Single-Strip Triangulation of Manifolds with Arbitrary Topology

Valette, Sebastien; Chassery, Jean-Marc
Approximated Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams for Uniform Polygonal Mesh Coarsening

Hildebrandt, Klaus; Polthier, Konrad
Anisotropic Filtering of Non-Linear Surface Features

Andujar, C.; Brunet, P.; Chica, A.; Navazo, I.; Rossignac, J.; Vinacua, A.
Computing Maximal Tiles and Application to Impostor-Based Simplification

Chaudhuri, Parag; Kalra, Prem; Banerjee, Subhashis
A System for View-Dependent Animation

Zander, Johannes; Isenberg, Tobias; Schlechtweg, Stefan; Strothotte, Thomas
High Quality Hatching

Tasaki, Daisuke; Mizuno, Shinji; Okada, Minoru
Virtual Drypoint by a Model-driven Strategy

Wang, Shuzhen; Heidrich, Wolfgang
The Design of an Inexpensive Very High Resolution Scan Camera System

Raskar, Ramesh; van Baar, Jeroen; Willwacher, Thomas; Rao, Srinivas
Quadric Transfer for Immersive Curved Screen Displays

Bourque, Eric; Dudek, Gregory
Procedural Texture Matching and Transformation

Weinkauf, Tino; Theisel, Holger; Hege, Hans-Christian; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Topological Construction and Visualization of Higher Order 3D Vector Fields

Weiskopf, D.
Dye Advection Without the Blur: A Level-Set Approach for Texture-Based Visualization of Unsteady Flow

Mora, Benjamin; Evert, David S.
Instant Volumetric Understanding with Order-Independent Volume Rendering

Andujar, C.; Vazquez, P.; Fairen, M.
Way-Finder: guided tours through complex walkthrough models

Lamarche, Fabrice; Donikian, Stephane
Crowd of Virtual Humans: a New Approach for Real Time Navigation in Complex and Structured Environments

Sung, Mankyu; Gleicher, Michael; Chenney, Stephen
Scalable behaviors for crowd simulation

Hasegawa, S.; Sato, M.
Real-time Rigid Body Simulation for Haptic Interactions Based on Contact Volume of Polygonal Objects

Dobashi, Yoshinori; Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Synthesizing Sound from Turbulent Field using Sound Textures for Interactive Fluid Simulation

Schoner, Jeffrey L.; Lang, Jochen; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Measurement-Based Interactive Simulation of Viscoelastic Solids

Sud, Avneesh; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Manocha, Dinesh
DiFi: Fast 3D Distance Field Computation Using Graphics Hardware

Klein, Jan; Zachmann, Gabriel
Point Cloud Collision Detection

Wu, Xiaobin; Peters, Joerg
Interference Detection for Subdivision Surfaces

Szecsi, Laszlo; Sbert, Mateu; Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo
Combined Correlated and Importance Sampling in Direct Light Source Computation and Environment Mapping

Wald, Ingo; Guenther, Johannes; Slusallek, Philipp
Balancing Considered Harmful - Faster Photon Mapping using the Voxel Volume Heuristic -

Farrugia, Jean-Philippe; Peroche, Bernard
A Progressive Rendering Algorithm Using an Adaptive Perceptually Based Image Metric

Bittner, Jiri; Wimmer, Michael; Piringer, Harald; Purgathofer, Werner
Coherent Hierarchical Culling: Hardware Occlusion Queries Made Useful

Weiskopf, Daniel; Schafhitzel, Tobias; Ertl, Thomas
GPU-Based Nonlinear Ray Tracing

Li, Ming; Magnor, Marcus; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Hardware-Accelerated Rendering of Photo Hulls

Wu, Jainhua; Kobbelt, Leif
Optimized Sub-Sampling of Point Sets for Surface Splatting

Guennebaud, Gael; Barthe, Loic; Paulin, Mathias
Deferred Splatting

Grimm, Soeren; Bruckner, Stefan; Kanitsar, Armin; Groeller, Eduard
VOTS: VOlume doTS as a Point-Based Representation of Volumetric Data

Blanz, Volker; Scherbaum, Kristina; Vetter, Thomas; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Exchanging Faces in Images

Wang, Yang; Huang, Xiaolei; Lee, Chan-Su; Zhang, Song; Li, Zhiguo; Samaras, Dimitris; Metaxas, Dimitris; Elgammal, Ahmed; Huang, Peisen
High Resolution Acquisition, Learning and Transfer of Dynamic 3-D Facial Expressions

Na, Kyunggun; Jung, Moonryul
Hierarchical Retargetting of Fine Facial Motions