EuroVA 2011: International Workshop on Visual Analytics 2011

Lundström, C.; Persson, A.
Characterizing Visual Analytics in Diagnostic Imaging

Eisemann, Martin; Albuquerque, Georgia; Magnor, Marcus
Data Driven Color Mapping

Lammarsch, T.; Aigner, W.; Bertone, A.; Miksch, S.; Rind, A.
Towards a Concept how the Structure of Time can Support the Visual Analytics Process

May, T.; Davey, J.; Ruppert, T.
SmartStripes - Looking under the Hood of Feature Subset Selection Methods

Aigner, W.
Understanding the Role and Value of Interaction: First Steps

Ferro, N.; Sabetta, A.; Santucci, G.; Tino, G.; Veltri, F.
Visual Comparison of Ranked Result Cumulated Gains

Walker, Rick; Cenydd, Llyr ap; Pop, Serban; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Visual Analysis of User Behaviour in Pay-Per-Bid Auctions

Wörner, M.; Ertl, T.
Visual Analysis of Advanced Manufacturing Simulations

Kinkeldey, C.; Schiewe, J.
A Framework for the Multi-Temporal Analysis of Land Cover Change using Visual Analytics

Kim, Tanyoung; Blom, Jan; Stasko, John
Exploring Complex Mobile Life through Lightweight Visualizations

Bremm, S.; Landesberger, T. von; Andrienko, G.; Andrienko, N.; Schreck, Tobias
Interactive Analysis of Object Group Changes over Time

Matkovic, K.; Gracanin, D.; Jelovic, M.; Cao, Y.
Adaptive Interactive Multi-Resolution Computational Steering for Complex Engineering Systems

Ahmed, Zafar; Yost, Patrick; McGovern, Amy; Weaver, Chris
Steerable Clustering for Visual Analysis of Ecosystems

Alsallakh, Bilal; Groeller, Eduard; Miksch, Silvia; Suntinger, Martin
Contingency Wheel: Visual Analysis of Large Contingency Tables