Computer Graphics Forum 20096 

Table of Contents and Cover

Vasa, L.; Skala, V.
COBRA: Compression of the Basis for PCA Represented Animations

Skrba, Ljiljana; Reveret, Lionel; Hetroy, Franck; Cani, Marie-Paule; O'Sullivan, Carol
Animating Quadrupeds: Methods and Applications

Wolter, M.; Assenmacher, I.; Hentschel, B.; Schirski, M.; Kuhlen, T.
A Time Model for Time-Varying Visualization

Wang, H.; Ma, W.
Biorthogonal Wavelets Based on Interpolatory Subdivision

Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Umenhoffer, Tamas; Patow, Gustavo; Szecsi, Laszlo; Sbert, Mateu
Specular Effects on the GPU: State of the Art

Spencer, Benjamin; Laramee, Robert S.; Chen, Guoning; Zhang, Eugene
Evenly Spaced Streamlines for Surfaces: An Image-Based Approach

Scholz, Volker; El-Abed, Sascha; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Magnor, Marcus
Editing Object Behaviour in Video Sequences

Nasri, A.; Sabin, M.; Yasseen, Z.
Filling N-Sided Regions by Quad Meshes for Subdivision Surfaces

Ray, N.; Levy, B.; Wang, H.; Turk, G.; Vallet, B.
Material Space Texturing

Fuchs, R.; Hauser, H.
Visualization of Multi-Variate Scientific Data

Wald, Ingo; Mark, William R.; Guenther, Johannes; Boulos, Solomon; Ize, Thiago; Hunt, Warren; Parker, Steven G.; Shirley, Peter
State of the Art in Ray Tracing Animated Scenes

Domik, G.; Scateni, R.
Education Programme at Eurographics 2009

Comba, Joao; Daniel, Weiskopf; Debattista, Kurt
2009 Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization

30th EUROGRAPHICS General Assembly