Preface and Table of Contents 2015

Mirela Ben-Chen; Ligang Liu
Frontmatter: Symposium on Geometry Processing 2015

Carrière, Mathieu; Oudot, Steve Y.; Ovsjanikov, Maks
Stable Topological Signatures for Points on 3D Shapes

Boscaini, Davide; Masci, Jonathan; Melzi, Simone; Bronstein, Michael M.; Castellani, Umberto; Vandergheynst, Pierre
Learning Class-specific Descriptors for Deformable Shapes Using Localized Spectral Convolutional Networks

Huang, Haibin; Kalogerakis, Evangelos; Marlin, Benjamin
Analysis and Synthesis of 3D Shape Families via Deep-learned Generative Models of Surfaces

Roveri, Riccardo; Öztireli, A. Cengiz; Martin, Sebastian; Solenthaler, Barbara; Gross, Markus
Example Based Repetitive Structure Synthesis

Yang, Yong-Liang; Wang, Jun; Mitra, Niloy J.
Reforming Shapes for Material-aware Fabrication

Panozzo, Daniele; Diamanti, Olga; Paris, Sylvain; Tarini, Marco; Sorkine, Evgeni; Sorkine-Hornung, Olga
Texture Mapping Real-World Objects with Hydrographics

Tang, Yizhi; Feng, Jieqing
Hierarchical Multiview Rigid Registration

Yang, Jingyu; Li, Ke; Li, Kun; Lai, Yu-Kun
Sparse Non-rigid Registration of 3D Shapes

Tagliasacchi, Andrea; Schröder, Matthias; Tkach, Anastasia; Bouaziz, Sofien; Botsch, Mario; Pauly, Mark
Robust Articulated-ICP for Real-Time Hand Tracking

Kezurer, Itay; Kovalsky, Shahar Z.; Basri, Ronen; Lipman, Yaron
Tight Relaxation of Quadratic Matching

Corman, Etienne; Ovsjanikov, Maks; Chambolle, Antonin
Continuous Matching via Vector Field Flow

Herzog, Robert; Mewes, Daniel; Wand, Michael; Guibas, Leonidas; Seidel, Hans-Peter
LeSSS: Learned Shared Semantic Spaces for Relating Multi-Modal Representations of 3D Shapes

Kazhdan, Misha
Fast and Exact (Poisson) Solvers on Symmetric Geometries

Kim, Theodore
Quaternion Julia Set Shape Optimization

Wang, Tuanfeng Y.; Kohli, Pushmeet; Mitra, Niloy J.
Dynamic SfM: Detecting Scene Changes from Image Pairs

Hennessey, James W.; Mitra, Niloy J.
An Image Degradation Model for Depth-augmented Image Editing

Prada, Fabian; Kazhdan, Misha
Unconditionally Stable Shock Filters for Image and Geometry Processing

Herholz, Philipp; Kyprianidis, Jan Eric; Alexa, Marc
Perfect Laplacians for Polygon Meshes

Razafindrazaka, Faniry H.; Reitebuch, Ulrich; Polthier, Konrad
Perfect Matching Quad Layouts for Manifold Meshes

Karciauskas, Kestutis; Peters, Jörg
Can Bi-cubic Surfaces be Class A?

Dym, Nadav; Shtengel, Anna; Lipman, Yaron
Homotopic Morphing of Planar Curves

Kurlin, Vitaliy
A One-dimensional Homologically Persistent Skeleton of an Unstructured Point Cloud in any Metric Space