EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics 2014

Oliveros, Silvia; Yang, Yang; Jang, Yun; Maule, Ben; Ebert, David
Visual Analytics for Risk-based Decision Making, Long-Term Planning, and Assessment Process

Roberts, Jonathan; Keim, Daniel; Hanratty, Timothy; Rowlingson, Robert; Walker, Rick; Hall, Mark; Jackobson, Zack; Lavigne, Valerie; Rooney, Chris; Varga, Margaret
From Ill-defined Problems to Informed Decisions

Sisneros, Robert; Fullop, Joshi; Semeraro, B. David; Bauer, Greg
Ribbons: Enabling the Effective Use of HPC Utilization Data for System Support Staff

Shao, Lin; Behrisch, Michael; Schreck, Tobias; Landesberger, Tatiana von; Scherer, Maximilian; Bremm, Sebastian; Keim, Daniel
Guided Sketching for Visual Search and Exploration in Large Scatter Plot Spaces

Agibetov, Asan; Vaquero, Ricardo Manuel Millan; Friese, Karl-Ingo; Patane, Giuseppe; Spagnuolo, Michela; Wolter, Franz-Erich
Integrated Visualization and Analysis of a Multi-scale Biomedical Knowledge Space

Alsallakh, Bilal; Bögl, Markus; Gschwandtner, Theresia; Miksch, Silvia; Esmael, Bilal; Arnaout, Arghad; Thonhauser, Gerhard; Zöllner, Philipp
A Visual Analytics Approach to Segmenting and Labeling Multivariate Time Series Data

Wang, Feng; Ibarra, Jose; Muhammed, Adnan; Longley, Paul; Maciejewski, Ross
What's In a Name? Data Linkage, Demography and Visual Analytics

Fischer, Fabian; Davey, James; Fuchs, Johannes; Thonnard, Olivier; Kohlhammer, Jörn; Keim, Daniel A.
A Visual Analytics Field Experiment to Evaluate Alternative Visualizations for Cyber Security Applications

Luboschik, Martin; Röhlig, Martin; Kundt, Günther; Stachs, Oliver; Peschel, Sabine; Zhivov, Andrey; Guthoff, Rudolf F.; Winter, Karsten; Schumann, Heidrun
Supporting an Early Detection of Diabetic Neuropathy by Visual Analytics

Sharma, Geetika; Shroff, Gautam; Pandey, Aditeya; Agarwal, Puneet; Srinivasan, Ashwin
Interactively Visualizing Summaries of Rules and Exceptions

Ritsos, Panagiotis D.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
Towards more Visual Analytics in Learning Analytics