ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2006

Thürey, Nils; Keiser, Richard; Pauly, Mark; Rüde, Ulrich
Detail-Preserving Fluid Control

Wojtan, Chris; Mucha, Peter J.; Turk, Greg
Keyframe Control of Complex Particle Systems Using the Adjoint Method

Angelidis, Alexis; Neyret, Fabrice; Singh, Karan; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek
A Controllable, Fast and Stable Basis for Vortex Based Smoke Simulation

Kim, Yootai; Machiraju, Raghu; Thompson, David
Path-based Control of Smoke Simulations

Kharevych, Liliya; Yang, Weiwei; Tong, Yiying; Kanso, Eva; Marsden, Jerrold E.; Schröder, Peter; Desbrun, Matthieu
Geometric, Variational Integrators for Computer Animation

Huang, Fu-Chung; Chen, Bing-Yu; Chuang, Yung-Yu
Progressive Deforming Meshes based on Deformation Oriented Decimation and Dynamic Connectivity Updating

Steinemann, Denis; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Gross, Markus
Fast Arbitrary Splitting of Deforming Objects

Galoppo, Nico; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Mecklenburg, Paul; Gross, Markus; Lin, Ming C.
Fast Simulation of Deformable Models in Contact Using Dynamic Deformation Textures

Chentanez, Nuttapong; Goktekin, Tolga G.; Feldman, Bryan E.; O'Brien, James F.
Simultaneous Coupling of Fluids and Deformable Bodies

Hadap, Sunil
Oriented Strands - Dynamics of Stiff Multi-Body System

Volino, Pascal; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
Simple Linear Bending Stiffness in Particle Systems

Thomaszewski, Bernhard; Wacker, Markus; Straßer, Wolfgang
A Consistent Bending Model for Cloth Simulation with Corotational Subdivision Finite Elements

McDonnell, Rachel; Dobbyn, Simon; Collins, Steven; O'Sullivan, Carol
Perceptual Evaluation of LOD Clothing for Virtual Humans

Liu, Guodong; McMillan, Leonard
Segment-Based Human Motion Compression

Müller, Meinard; Röder, Tido
Motion Templates for Automatic Classification and Retrieval of Motion Capture Data

Allen, Brett; Curless, Brian; Popovic, Zoran; Hertzmann, Aaron
Learning a Correlated Model of Identity and Pose-Dependent Body Shape Variation for Real-Time Synthesis

Thürey, Nils; Rüde, Ulrich; Stamminger, Marc
Animation of Open Water Phenomena with coupled Shallow Water and Free Surface Simulations

Kim, Theodore; Adalsteinsson, David; Lin, Ming C.
Modeling Ice Dynamics As A Thin-Film Stefan Problem

Iben, Hayley N.; O'Brien, James F.
Generating Surface Crack Patterns

Diener, Julien; Reveret, Lionel; Fiume, Eugene
Hierarchical Retargetting of 2D Motion Fields to the Animation of 3D Plant Models

Abe, Yeuhi; Popovic, Jovan
Interactive Animation of Dynamic Manipulation

McCann, Jim; Pollard, Nancy S.; Srinivasa, Siddhartha
Physics-Based Motion Retiming

Liu, C. Karen; Hertzmann, Aaron; Popovic, Zoran
Composition of Complex Optimal Multi-Character Motions

Juan, Christina N. de; Bodenheimer, Bobby
Re-using Traditional Animation: Methods for Semi-Automatic Segmentation and Inbetweening

Li, Qilei L.; Geng, Weidong D.; Yu, Tao; Shen, Xiao Jie; Lau, Newman; Yu, Gino
MotionMaster: Authoring and Choreographing Kung-fu Motions by Sketch Drawings

Wang, Zhijin; Panne, Michiel van de
"Walk to here": A Voice Driven Animation System

Deng, Zhigang; Neumann, Ulrich
eFASE: Expressive Facial Animation Synthesis and Editing with Phoneme-Isomap Controls

Sifakis, Eftychios; Selle, Andrew; Robinson-Mosher, Avram; Fedkiw, Ronald
Simulating Speech with a Physics-Based Facial Muscle Model

Chang, Edwin; Jenkins, Odest Chadwicke
Sketching Articulation and Pose for Facial Animation

Callennec, Benoît Le; Boulic, Ronan
Robust Kinematic Constraint Detection for Motion Data

Shin, Hyun Joon; Oh, Hyun Seok
Fat Graphs: Constructing an Interactive Character with Continuous Controls

Lau, Manfred; Kuffner, James J.
Precomputed Search Trees: Planning for Interactive Goal-Driven Animation

Majkowska, Anna; Zordan, Victor B.; Faloutsos, Petros
Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations

Mihalef, Viorel; Unlusu, Betul; Metaxas, Dimitris; Sussman, Mark; Hussaini, M. Y.
Physics Based Boiling Simulation

Zheng, Wen; Yong, Jun-Hai; Paul, Jean-Claude
Simulation of Bubbles

Kim, Janghee; Cha, Deukhyun; Chang, Byungjoon; Koo, Bonki; Ihm, Insung
Practical Animation of Turbulent Splashing Water

Bargteil, Adam W.; Sin, Funshing; Michaels, Jonathan E.; Goktekin, Tolga G.; O'Brien, James F.
A Texture Synthesis Method for Liquid Animations