Computer Graphics Forum 2005 / CGF 24 - 3 

Kinematics, Dynamics, Biomechanics: Evolution of Autonomy in Game Animation

Collins, Steve
Kinematics, Dynamics, Biomechanics: Evolution of Autonomy in Game Animation

Hanrahan, Pat
Realistic or Abstract Imagery: The Future of Computer Graphics?

Cook, Rob
Movie Making at Pixar: A Collaboration of Art and Technology

Christie, Marc; Normand, Jean-Marie
A Semantic Space Partitioning Approach to Virtual Camera Composition

Laszlo, Joe; Neff, Michael; Singh, Karan
Predictive Feedback for Interactive Control of Physics-based Characters

Foster, K.; Jepp, P.; Wyvill, B.; Sousa, M.C.; Galbraith, C.; Jorge, J.A.
Pen-and-Ink for BlobTree Implicit Models

Wu, Jianhua; Kobbelt, Leif
Structure Recovery via Hybrid Variational Surface Approximation

Steinke, Florian; Schoelkopf, Bernhard; Blanz, Volker
Support Vector Machines for 3D Shape Processing

Kim, ByungMoon; Rossignac, Jarek
GeoFilter: Geometric Selection of Mesh Filter Parameters

Hadwiger, Markus; Sigg, Christian; Scharsach, Henning; Buehler, Khatja; Gross, Markus
Real-Time Ray-Casting and Advanced Shading of Discrete Isosurfaces

Laine, Samuli; Aila, Timo
Hierarchical Penumbra Casting

Havran, Vlastimil; Herzog, Robert; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Fast Final Gathering via Reverse Photon Mapping

Mei, Chunhui; Popescu, Voicu; Sacks, Elisha
The Occlusion Camera

Kulpa, R.; Multon, F.; Arnaldi, B.
Morphology-independent representation of motions for interactive human-like animation

Lee, Hyun-Chul; Lee, In-Kwon
Automatic Synchronization of Background Music and Motion in Computer Animation

Kavan, L.; Zara, J.
Fast Collision Detection for Skeletally Deformable Models

Guo, Zheng; Cheong Wong, Kok
Skinning With Deformable Chunks

Paterson, James A.; Claus, David; Fitzgibbon, Andrew W.
BRDF and geometry capture from extended inhomogeneous samples using flash photography

Decoret, Xavier
N-Buffers for efficient depth map query

Smyk,, Miloslaw; Kinuwaki, Shin-ichi; Durikovic Roman; Myszkowski, Karol
Temporally Coherent Irradiance Caching for High Quality Animation Rendering

Abdul-Rahman, Alfie; Chen, Min
Spectral Volume Rendering based on the Kubelka-Munk Theory

Rasche, Karl; Geist, Robert; Westall , James
Re-coloring Images for Gamuts of Lower Dimension

Winnemoeller, Holger; Mohan, Ankit; Tumblin, Jack; Gooch, Bruce
Light Waving: Estimating Light Positions From Photographs Alone

Scholz, Volker; Stich, Timo; Keckeisen, Michael; Wacker, Markus; Magnor, Marcus
Garment Motion Capture Using Color-Coded Patterns

Tiddeman, B.P.; Stirrat, M.R.; Perrett, D.I.
Towards Realism in Facial Image Transformation: Results of a Wavelet MRF Method

Diaz-Gutierrez, Pablo; Gopi, M.; Pajarola, Renato
Hierarchyless Simplification, Stripification and Compression of Triangulated Two-Manifolds

Kaelberer, Felix; Polthier, Konrad; Reitebuch, Ulrich; Wardetzky, Max
FreeLence - Coding with Free Valences

Marinov, M.; Kobbelt, L.
Automatic Generation of Structure Preserving Multiresolution Models

Okabe, Makoto; Owada, Shigeru; Igarash, Takeo
Interactive Design of Botanical Trees using Freehand Sketches and Example-based Editing

Streit, L.; Federl, P.; Sousa , M.C.
Modelling Plant Variation Through Growth

Behrendt, S.; Colditz, C.; Franzke, O.; Kopf, J.; Deussen, O.
Realistic real-time rendering of landscapes using billboard clouds

Pingi, Paolo; Fasano, Andrea; Cignoni, Paolo; Montani, Claudio; Scopigno, Roberto
Exploiting the scanning sequence for automatic registration of large sets of range maps

Bischoff, Stephan; Kobbelt, Leif
Structure Preserving CAD Model Repair

Ho, Chien.-Chang; Wu, Fu-Che; Chen, Bing-Yu; Chuang, Yung-Yu; Ouhyoung, Ming
Cubical Marching Squares: Adaptive Feature Preserving Surface Extraction from Volume Data

Hensley, Justin; Scheuermann, Thorsten; Coombe, Greg; Singh, Montek; Lastra, Anselmo
Fast Summed-Area Table Generation and its Applications

Tarini, Marco; Cignoni, Paolo
Pinchmaps: textures with customizable discontinuities

Nicoll, A.; Meseth, J.; Mueller, G.; Klein, R.
Fractional Fourier Texture Masks: Guiding Near-Regular Texture Synthesis

Julius, Dan; Kraevoy, Vladislav; Sheffer, Alla
D-Charts: Quasi-Developable Mesh Segmentation

Wang, Chung-Ming; Cheng, Yu-Ming
An Efficient Information Hiding Algorithm for Polygon Models

Zayer, Rhaleb; Roessl, Christian; Karni, Zachi; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Harmonic Guidance for Surface Deformation

Botsch, Mario; Kobbelt, Leif
Real-Time Shape Editing using Radial Basis Functions

Hamill, J.; McDonnell, R.; Dobbyn, S.; O Sullivan, C.
Perceptual Evaluation of Impostor Representations for Virtual Humans and Buildings

Krawczyk, Grzegorz; Myszkowski, Karol; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Lightness Perception in Tone Reproduction for High Dynamic Range Images

Setlur, Vidya; Albrecht-Buehler, Conrad; Gooch, Amy A.; Rossoff, Sam; Gooch, Bruce
Semanticons: Visual Metaphors as File Icons

Guennebaud, G.; Barthe, L.; Paulin, M.
Interpolatory Refinement for Real-Time Processing ofPoint-Based Geometry

Wicke, Martin; Steinemann, Denis; Gross, Markus
Efficient Animation of Point-Sampled Thin Shells

Adams, Bart; Keiser, Richard; Pauly, Mark; J. Guibas, Leonidas; Gross, Markus; Dutre, Philip
Efficient Raytracing of Deforming Point-Sampled Surfaces

Krueger, Jens; Westermann, Ruediger
GPU Simulation and Rendering of Volumetric Effects for Computer Games and Virtual Environments

Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Aszodi, Barnabas; Lazanyi, Istvan; Premecz, Matyas
Approximate Ray-Tracing on the GPU with Distance Impostors

Cotting, Daniel; Ziegler, Remo; Gross, Markus; Fuchs, Henry
Adaptive Instant Displays: Continuously Calibrated Projections Using Per-Pixel Light Control