Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation 2018

Andrews, Sheldon; Erleben, Kenny; Jaillet, Fabrice; Zachmann, Gabriel
VRIPHYS 2018: Frontmatter

Banks, Matthew K.; Hazel, Andrew L.; Riley, Graham D.
Quantitative Validation of Physically Based Deformable Models in Computer Graphics

Enzenhöfer, Andreas; Andrews, Sheldon; Teichmann, Marek; Kövecses, József
Comparison of Mixed Linear Complementarity Problem Solvers for Multibody Simulations with Contact

Cattan, Grégoire; Andreev, Anton; Mendoza, Cesar; Congedo, Marco
The Impact of Passive Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Devices on the Quality of EEG Signals

Li, Jing; Liu, Tiantian; Kavan, Ladislav
Laplacian Damping for Projective Dynamics

Pall, Pontus; Nylén, Oskar; Fratarcangeli, Marco
Fast Quadrangular Mass-Spring Systems using Red-Black Ordering

Dagenais, Francois; Guzman, Julián; Vervondel, Valentin; Hay, Alexander; Delorme, Sébastien; Mould, David; Paquette, Eric
Real-Time Virtual Pipes Simulation and Modeling for Small-Scale Shallow Water

Band, Stefan; Gissler, Christoph; Peer, Andreas; Teschner, Matthias
MLS Pressure Extrapolation for the Boundary Handling in Divergence-Free SPH