Computer Graphics Forum 2009 / CGF 28 - 1 

Scopigno, Roberto; Groeller, Eduard

Gu, Qin; Peng, Jingliang; Deng, Zhigang
Compression of Human Motion Capture Data Using Motion Pattern Indexing

Banterle, Francesco; Ledda, Patrick; Debattista, Kurt; Bloj, Marina; Artusi, Alessandro; Chalmers, Alan
A Psychophysical Evaluation of Inverse Tone Mapping Techniques

Knoll, A.; Hijazi, Y.; Kensler, A.; Schott, M.; Hansen, C.; Hagen, H.
Fast Ray Tracing of Arbitrary Implicit Surfaces with Interval and Affine Arithmetic

Tierny, Julien; Vandeborre, Jean-Philippe; Daoudi, Mohamed
Partial 3D Shape Retrieval by Reeb Pattern Unfolding

Potter, Kristin; Gooch, Amy; Gooch, Bruce; Willemsen, Peter; Kniss, Joe; Riesenfeld, Richard; Shirley, Peter
Resolution Independent NPR-Style 3D Line Textures

Dick, Christian; Schneider, Jens; Westermann, Ruediger
Efficient Geometry Compression for GPU-based Decoding in Realtime Terrain Rendering

Olson, M.; Zhang, H.
Tangential Distance Fields for Mesh Silhouette Problems

Guthe, Michael; Mueller, Gero; Schneider, Martin; Klein, Reinhard
BTF-CIELab: A Perceptual Difference Measure for Quality Assessment and Compression of BTFs

Chen, Wei; Liang, Xiao; Maciejewski, Ross; Ebert, David S.
Shape Context Preserving Deformation of 2D Anatomical Illustrations

Liu, F.; Wang, J.; Zhu, S.; Gleicher, M.; Gong, Y.
Visual-Quality Optimizing Super Resolution

Frank, S.; Kaufman, A.
Out-of-Core and Dynamic Programming for Data Distribution on a Volume Visualization Cluster

Cline, D.; Razdan, A.; Wonka, P.
A Comparison of Tabular PDF Inversion Methods

Mertens, T.; Kautz, J.; Van Reeth, F.
Exposure Fusion: A Simple and Practical Alternative to High Dynamic Range Photography

Spencer, Ben; Jones, Mark W.
CGForum 2009 Cover Image