Computer Graphics Forum 2008 / CGF 27 - 5 

Preface, Table of Contents, Cover

Attene, Marco; Mortara, Michela; Spagnuolo, Michela; Falcidieno, Bianca
Hierarchical Convex Approximation of 3D Shapes for Fast Region Selection

Mesmoudi, Mohammed Mostefa; De Floriani, Leila; Port, Umberto
Discrete Distortion in Triangulated 3-Manifolds

Ovsjanikov, Maks; Sun, Jian; Guibas, Leonidas
Global Intrinsic Symmetries of Shapes

De Goes, Fernando; Goldenstein, Siome; Velho, Luiz
A Hierarchical Segmentation of Articulated Bodies

El Ouafdi, A.F.; Ziou, D.; Krim, H.
A smart stochastic approach for manifolds smoothing

Myles, A.; Ni, T.; Peters, J.
Fast Parallel Construction of Smooth Surfaces from Meshes with Tri/Quad/Pent Facets

Loop, Charles; Schaefer, Scott
G2 Tensor Product Splines over Extraordinary Vertices

Ling, Ruotian; Wang, Wenping; Yan, Dongming
Fitting Sharp Features with Loop Subdivision Surfaces

Dyer, Ramsay; Zhang, Hao; Moeller, Torsten
Surface sampling and the intrinsic Voronoi diagram

Memari, Pooran; Boissonnat, Jean-Daniel
Provably Good 2D Shape Reconstruction from Unorganized Cross-Sections

Manson, J.; Petrova, G.; Schaefer, S.
Streaming Surface Reconstruction Using Wavelets

Li, Hao; Sumner, Robert W.; Pauly, Mark
Global Correspondence Optimization for Non-Rigid Registration of Depth Scans

Zhang, H.; Sheffer, A.; Cohen-Or, D.; Zhou, Q.; Van Kaick, O.; Tagliasacchi, A.
Deformation-Driven Shape Correspondence

Steinbrecher, Tillmann; Gerth, Maik
Dental Inlay and Onlay Construction by Iterative Laplacian Surface Editing

Huang, Qi-Xing; Adams, Bart; Wicke, Martin; Guibas, Leonidas J.
Non-Rigid Registration Under Isometric Deformations

Chang, Will; Zwicker, Matthias
Automatic Registration for Articulated Shapes

Suessmuth, Jochen; Winter, Marco; Greiner, Guenther
Reconstructing Animated Meshes from Time-Varying Point Clouds

Eppstein, David; Goodrich, Michael T.; Kim, Ethan; Tamstorf, Rasmus
Motorcycle Graphs: Canonical Quad Mesh Partitioning

Mullen, Patrick; Tong, Yiying; Alliez, Pierre; Desbrun, Mathieu
Spectral Conformal Parameterization

Liu, Ligang; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Yin; Gotsman, Craig; Gortler, Steven J.
A Local/Global Approach to Mesh Parameterization

Floater, M. S.; Schulz, C.
Pointwise radial minimization: Hermite interpolation on arbitrary domains

Hormann, K.; Sukumar, N.
Maximum Entropy Coordinates for Arbitrary Polytopes

Martin, Sebastian; Kaufmann, Peter; Botsch, Mario; Wicke, Martin; Gross, Markus
Polyhedral Finite Elements Using Harmonic Basis Functions