EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization 2013

Etiene, Tiago; Kirby, Robert M.; Silva, Cláudio T.
A Study Of Discretization Errors In Volume Rendering Integral Approximations

Heft, W.; Spitzhirn, M.; Rosenthal, P.
A Survey on Visualization in Industrial Ergonomics

Müller, N. H.; Liebold, B.; Pietschmann, D.; Ohler, P.; Rosenthal, P.
Gaze into Hierarchy: A Practice-oriented Eye Tracking Study

Prieto, D. Fernandez; Zeckzer, D.; Hernández, J. T.
Using User-Centered Techniques for the Design and Evaluation of Interactive Visualizations to Support Urban and Regional Planning: Case Study Bogota 21