Eurographics/ ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on High Performance Graphics 2011

Preface and Table of Contents

Børlum, Jesper; Christensen, Brian Bunch; Kjeldsen, Thomas Kim; Mikkelsen, Peter Trier; Noe, Karsten Østergaard; Rimestad, Jens; Mosegaard, Jesper
SSLPV: Subsurface Light Propagation Volumes

Papaioannou, Georgios
Real-Time Diffuse Global Illumination Using Radiance Hints

McGuire, Morgan; Osman, Brian; Bukowski, Michael; Hennessy, Padraic
The Alchemy Screen-Space Ambient Obscurance Algorithm

Wyman, Chris
Voxelized Shadow Volumes

Antwerpen, Dietger van
Improving SIMD Efficiency for Parallel Monte Carlo Light Transport on the GPU

Wald, Ingo
Active Thread Compaction for GPU Path Tracing

Garanzha, Kirill; Pantaleoni, Jacopo; McAllister, David
Simpler and Faster HLBVH with Work Queues

Gruenschloß, Leonhard; Stich, Martin; Nawaz, Sehera; Keller, Alexander
MSBVH: An Efficient Acceleration Data Structure for Ray Traced Motion Blur

Wu, Zhefeng; Zhao, Fukai; Liu, Xinguo
SAH KD-Tree Construction on GPU

Laine, Samuli; Karras, Tero
High-Performance Software Rasterization on GPUs

Monroe, Laura; Wendelberger, Joanne; Michalak, Sarah
Randomized Selection on the GPU

Pantaleoni, Jacopo
VoxelPipe: A Programmable Pipeline for 3D Voxelization

Munkberg, Jacob; Clarberg, Petrik; Hasselgren, Jon; Toth, Robert; Sugihara, Masamichi; Akenine-Moeller, Tomas
Hierarchical Stochastic Motion Blur Rasterization

Salvi, Marco; Montgomery, Jefferson; Lefohn, Aaron
Adaptive Transparency

Andersson, Magnus; Hasselgren, Jon; Akenine-Moeller, Tomas
Depth Buffer Compression for Stochastic Motion Blur Rasterization

Schlömer, Thomas; Heck, Daniel; Deussen, Oliver
Farthest-Point Optimized Point Sets with Maximized Minimum Distance

Ruf, Erik
An Inexpensive Bounding Representation for Offsets of Quadratic Curves

Willmott, Andrew
Rapid Simplifi cation of Multi-Attribute Meshes

Pool, Jeff; Lastra, Anselmo; Singh, Montek
Precision Selection for Energy-Effi cient Pixel Shaders

Kazakov, Max; Ohbuchi, Eisaku
Primitive Processing and Advanced Shading Architecture for Embedded Space

Ström, Jacob; Wennersten, Per
Lossless Compression of Already Compressed Textures