ICAT-EGVE 2016 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2016

Dirk Reiners; Daisuke Iwai; Frank Steinicke
ICAT-EGVE 2016: Frontmatter

Scheel, Christian; Islam, A. B. M. Tariqul; Staadt, Oliver
An Efficient Interpolation Approach for Low Cost Unrestrained Gaze Tracking in 3D Space

Passmore, Peter J.; Glancy, Maxine; Philpot, Adam; Roscoe, Amelia; Wood, Andrew; Fields, Bob
Effects of Viewing Condition on User Experience of Panoramic Video

Saka, Naoyuki; Ikei, Yasushi; Amemiya, Tomohiro; Hirota, Koichi; Kitazaki, Michiteru
Passive Arm Swing Motion for Virtual Walking Sensation

Yamashita, Shogo; Zhang, Xinlei; Miyaki, Takashi; Rekimoto, Jun
AquaCAVE: An Underwater Immersive Projection System for Enhancing the Swimming Experience

Cutchin, Steve; Li, Yuan
View Dependent Tone Mapping of HDR Panoramas for Head Mounted Displays

Moniri, Mohammad Mehdi; Luxenburger, Andreas; Schuffert, Winfried; Sonntag, Daniel
Real-Time 3D Peripheral View Analysis

Rakkolainen, Ismo; Turk, Matthew; Höllerer, Tobias
A Superwide-FOV Optical Design for Head-Mounted Displays

Yu, Ja Eun; Kim, Gerard J.
Blurry (Sticky) Finger: Proprioceptive Pointing and Selection of Distant Objects for Optical See-through based Augmented Reality

Yano, Yuki; Orlosky, Jason; Kiyokawa, Kiyoshi; Takemura, Haruo
Dynamic View Expansion for Improving Visual Search in Video See-through AR

Tsuruzoe, Hiroto; Odera, Satoru; Shigeno, Hiroshi; Okada, Ken-ichi
MR Work Supporting System Using Pepper's Ghost

Mashita, Tomohiro; Plopski, Alexander; Kudo, Akira; Höllerer, Tobias; Kiyokawa, Kiyoshi; Takemura, Haruo
Simulation based Camera Localization under a Variable Lighting Environment

Vazquez, Iker; Cutchin, Steve
Synchronized Scene Views in Mixed Virtual Reality for Guided Viewing

Claude, Guillaume; Gouranton, Valérie; Caillaud, Benoit; Gibaud, Bernard; Jannin, Pierre; Arnaldi, Bruno
From Observations to Collaborative Simulation: Application to Surgical Training

Fuady, Samratul; Orishige, Masato; Haoyan, Li; Mitake, Hironori; Hasegawa, Shoichi
Natural Interaction in Asymmetric Teleconference using Stuffed-toy Avatar Robot

O'Hare, John; Bendall, Robert C. A.; Rae, John; Thomas, Graham; Weir, Bruce; Roberts, David J.
Is This Seat Taken? Behavioural Analysis of the Telethrone: A Novel Situated Telepresence Display

Jung, Sungchul; Hughes, Charles E.
The Effects of Indirect Real Body Cues of Irrelevant Parts on Virtual Body Ownership and Presence

Kim, Kangsoo; Bruder, Gerd; Maloney, Divine; Welch, Greg
The Influence of Real Human Personality on Social Presence with a Virtual Human in Augmented Reality