Eurographics 2004 - Short Presentations 2004

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Gong, Minglun; Yang, Yee-Hong
Uniform Sampling for Image-based Rendering Shiny Objects

Yerex, Keith; Birkbeck, Neil; Cobzas, Dana; Jagersand, Martin
A Quick and Automatic Image Based Modeling and Rendering System

Zhang, Yunjun; Xiao, Jiangjian; Shah, Mubarak
Region Completion in a Single Image

Decaudin, Philippe; Neyret, Fabrice
Packing Square Tiles into One Texture

Hausner, Alexander; Stamminger, Marc
Tone Mapping in VR Environments

Salvati, Marc; Lecallennec, Benoît; Boulic, Ronan
A Generic Method for Geometric Contraints Detection

Terai, Tomokazu; Mizuno, Shinji; Okada, Minoru
A Color Decomposition Method for Preserving Ukiyo-e Woodblocks

Reck, Frank; Dachsbacher, Carsten; Grosso, Roberto; Greiner, Günther; Stamminger, Marc
Realtime Isosurface Extraction with Graphics Hardware

Melero Rus, Francisco J.; Cano Olivares, Pedro; Torres Cantero, Juan Carlos
SP-Octrees Visualization Using Impostors

Pszczolkowska, Dorota
Visual Model of Fire

Lee, Peter John
The Visualisation and Expression of Virtual 3DSurfaces Explored through Custom Developed Interactive Software, Optically Mixed Coloured Surface Contouring and Fine Art Printmaking

Ahmed, Amr; Mokhtarian, Farzin; Hilton, Adrian
Enriching Animation Databases

Taponecco, Francesca; Alexa, Marc
Steerable Texture Synthesis

Desbenoit, Brett; Vanderhaghe, David; Galin, Eric; Grosjean, Jerôme
Interactive Modeling of Mushrooms

Jeong, Il-Kwon; Lee, Inho
An Oriented Particle and Generalized Spring Model for Fast Prototyping Deformable Objects

Bell, Ian E.; Alexander, Simon K.
A Spectral Gamut-Mapping Environment with Rendering Parameter Feedback

Kondo, Ryo; Kanai, Takashi
Interactive Physically-based Animation System for Dense Meshes

Park ChungAng, Youngsup; Yoon, Kyunghyun
Adaptive Brush Stroke Generation for Painterly Rendering

McArdle, Gavin; Monahan, Teresa; Bertolotto, Michela; Mangina, Eleni
A Web-Based Multimedia Virtual Reality Environment for E-Learning

Steed, Anthony; Angus, Cameron
Frontier Sets: A Partitioning Scheme to Enable Scalable Virtual Environments

Bouthors, Antoine; Neyret, Fabrice
Modeling clouds shape

Jagersand, Martin; Cobzas, Dana; Yerex, Keith
Modulating View-dependent Textures

Unger, Jonas; Gustavson, Stefan; Ollila, M.; Johannesson, M.
A Real Time Light Probe

Dewaele, Guillaume; Cani, Marie-Paule
Virtual Clay for Direct Hand Manipulation