Volume Graphics 2006

Lundström, Claes; Ljung, Patric; Ynnerman, Anders
Multi-Dimensional Transfer Function Design Using Sorted Histograms

Correa, Carlos D.; Silver, Deborah; Chen, Min
Discontinuous Displacement Mapping for Volume Graphics

Fuchs, Christian; Chen, Tongbo; Goesele, Michael; Theisel, Holger; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Volumetric Density Capture From a Single Image

Xu, Fang; Mueller, Klaus
GPU-Accelerated D2VR

Shareef, Naeem; Lee, Teng-Yok; Shen, Han-Wei; Mueller, Klaus
An Image-Based Modelling Approach To GPU-based Unstructured Grid Volume Rendering

Ljung, Patric
Adaptive Sampling in Single Pass, GPU-based Raycasting of Multiresolution Volumes

Botchen, Ralf P.; Chen, Min; Weiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas
GPU-assisted Multi-field Video Volume Visualization

Vollrath, Joachim E.; Schafhitzel, Tobias; Ertl, Thomas
Employing Complex GPU Data Structures for the Interactive Visualization of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data

Leung, Warren; Neophytou, Neophytos; Mueller, Klaus
SIMD-Aware Ray-Casting

Svakhine, N. A.; Ebert, D.; Tejada, E.; Ertl, T.; Gaither, K.
Pre-integrated Flow Illustration for Tetrahedral Meshes

Mizuta, Shinobu; Ono, Toshiki; Matsuda, Tetsuya
Contour Nest: A Two-dimensional Representation for Three-dimensional Isosurfaces

Kerwin, Thomas; Shen, Han-Wei; Stredney, Don
Capture and Review of Interactive Volumetric Manipulations for Surgical Training

Lundin, Karljohan; Lundström, Claes; Cooper, Matthew; Ynnerman, Anders
Enabling Haptic Interaction with Volumetric MRI Data Through Knowledge-based Tissue Separation

Zhang, Xiaoyu
Complementary Shape Comparison with Additional Properties

Armstrong, Christopher J.; Barrett, William A.; Price, Brian
Live Surface

Marker, Jeffrey; Braude, Ilya; Museth, Ken; Breen, David
Contour-Based Surface Reconstruction using Implicit Curve Fitting, and Distance Field Filtering and Interpolation

Kaehler, Ralf; Wise, John; Abel, Tom; Hege, Hans-Christian
GPU-Assisted Raycasting for Cosmological Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations

Jeong, Won-Ki; Whitaker, Ross; Dobin, Mark
Interactive 3D seismic fault detection on the Graphics Hardware

Muraki, S.; Fujishiro, I.; Suzuki, Y.; Takeshima, Y.
Diffusion-Based Tractography: Visualizing Dense White Matter Connectivity from 3D Tensor Fields