Eurographics 2010 - Education Papers 2010

Hayward, Kyle; Adamo-Villani, Nicoletta; Lestina, Jason
A Computer Animation System for Creating Deaf-Accessible Math and Science Curriculum Materials

Liarokapis, Fotis; Anderson, Eike Falk
Using Augmented Reality as a Medium to Assist Teaching in Higher Education

Cutler, Robb; Hutton, Michelle
Digitizing Data: Computational Thinking for Middle School Students through Computer Graphics

Cheng, Irene; Chen, Feng; Rodrigues, Saul Daniel; Pañella, Oscar Garcia; Vicent, Lluis; Basu, Anup
Intelligent Games for Education - An Intention Monitoring Approach based on Dynamic Bayesian Network

Anderson, Eike Falk; Peters, Christopher E.
No More Reinventing the Virtual Wheel: Middleware for Use in Computer Games and Interactive Computer Graphics Education

Muratet, Mathieu; Torguet, Patrice; Viallet, Fabienne; Jessel, Jean-Pierre
Experimental Feedback on Prog and Play, a Serious Game for Programming Practice

Jern, Mikael
Educating Students in Official Statistics using Embedded Geovisual Analytics Storytelling Methods

Linares-Pellicer, Jordi; Carrasquer-Moya, Empar; Esparza-Peidro, Javier; Micó-Tormos, Pau
Computer Graphics for Information System Programmers

Silva, Cláudio T.; Anderson, Erik; Santos, Emanuele; Freire, Juliana
Using VisTrails and Provenance for Teaching Scientific Visualization