SPBG'04 Symposium on Point - Based Graphics 2004 2004

Wand, M.; Straßer, W.
Multi-Resolution Sound Rendering

Xu, Hui; Nguyen, Minh X.; Yuan, Xiaoru; Chen, Baoquan
Interactive Silhouette Rendering for Point-Based Models

Adams, Bart; Dutré, Philip
Boolean Operations on Surfel-Bounded Solids Using Programmable Graphics Hardware

Botsch, Mario; Spernat, Michael; Kobbelt, Leif
Phong Splatting

Guan, Xin; Mueller, Klaus
Point-based Surface Rendering with Motion Blur

Guennebaud, G.; Barthe, L.; Paulin, M.
Real-Time Point Cloud Refinement

Nehab, Diego; Shilane, Philip
Stratified Point Sampling of 3D Models

Adams, Bart; Wicke, Martin; Dutré, Philip; Gross, Markus; Pauly, Mark; Teschner, Matthias
Interactive 3D Painting on Point-Sampled Objects

Popescu, Voicu; Sacks, Elisha; Bahmutov, Gleb
Interactive Point-Based Modeling from Dense Color and Sparse Depth

Pauly, Mark; Mitra, Niloy J.; Guibas, Leonidas J.
Uncertainty and Variability in Point Cloud Surface Data

Weyrich, T.; Pauly, M.; Keiser, R.; Heinzle, S.; Scandella, S.; Gross, M.
Post-processing of Scanned 3D Surface Data

Waschbüsch, M.; Gross, M.; Eberhard, F.; Lamboray, E.; Würmlin, S.
Progressive Compression of Point-Sampled Models

Ochotta, Tilo; Saupe, Dietmar
Compression of Point-Based 3D Models by Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Coding of Multi-Height Fields

Gobbetti, Enrico; Marton, Fabio
Layered Point Clouds

Sainz, Miguel; Pajarola, Renato; Lario, Roberto
Points Reloaded: Point-Based Rendering Revisited

Klein, Jan; Zachmann, Gabriel
Proximity Graphs for Defining Surfaces over Point Clouds

Amenta, Nina; Kil, Yong J.
The Domain of a Point Set Surface

Alexa, Marc; Adamson, Anders
On Normals and Projection Operators for Surfaces Defined by Point Sets

Silva, Vin de; Carlsson, Gunnar
Topological estimation using witness complexes

Andersson, Mattias; Giesen, Joachim; Pauly, Mark; Speckmann, Bettina
Bounds on the k-Neighborhood for Locally Uniformly Sampled Surfaces

Zwicker, M.; Gotsman, C.
Meshing Point Clouds Using Spherical Parameterization

Collins, Anne; Zomorodian, Afra; Carlsson, Gunnar; Guibas, Leonidas
A Barcode Shape Descriptor for Curve Point Cloud Data

Dey, Tamal K.; Giesen, Joachim; Goswami, Samrat
Shape Segmentation and Matching from Noisy Point Clouds

Clarenz, U.; Rumpf, M.; Telea, A.
Finite Elements on Point Based Surfaces