Computer Graphics Forum 2009 / CGF 28 - 4 


Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Szecsi, Laszlo
Deterministic Importance Sampling with Error Diffusion

Weidlich, Andrea; Wilkie, Alexander
Anomalous Dispersion in Predictive Rendering

Kniep, S.; Haering, S.; Magnor, M.
Efficient and Accurate Rendering of Complex Light Sources

Kopf, Johannes; Lischinski, Dani; Deussen, Oliver; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Cohen, Michael
Locally Adapted Projections to Reduce Panorama Distortions

Winnemoeller, H.; Orzan, A.; Boissieux, L.; Thollot, J.
Texture Design and Draping in 2D Images

Wilkie, Alexander; Weidlich, Andrea
A Robust Illumination Estimate for Chromatic Adaptation in Rendered Images

Forest, Vincent; Barthe, Loic; Guennebaud, Gael; Paulin, Mathias
Soft Textured Shadow Volume

Yang, Baoguang; Feng, Jieqing; Guennebaud, Gael; Liu, Xinguo
Packet-based Hierarchal Soft Shadow Mapping

Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Snyder, John
Fast Global Illumination on Dynamic Height Fields

Nichols, Greg; Shopf, Jeremy; Wyman, Chris
Hierarchical Image-Space Radiosity for Interactive Global Illumination

Fabianowski, B.; Dingliana, J.
Interactive Global Photon Mapping

Ghosh, Abhijeet; Chen, Tongbo; Peers, Pieter; Wilson, Cyrus A.; Debevec, Paul
Estimating Specular Roughness and Anisotropy from Second Order Spherical Gradient Illumination

Bonneel, Nicolas; Paris, Sylvain; Van De Panne, Michiel; Durand, Fredo; Drettakis, George
Single Photo Estimation of Hair Appearance

Ruiters, Roland; Klein, Reinhard
BTF Compression via Sparse Tensor Decomposition

Gassenbauer, Vaclav; Krivanek, Jaroslav; Bouatouch, Kadi
Spatial Directional Radiance Caching

Garanzha, Kirill
The Use of Precomputed Triangle Clusters for Accelerated Ray Tracing in Dynamic Scenes

Lee, H.; Lee, C. H.; Yoon, K.
Motion based Painterly Rendering

Cline, D.; Jeschke, S.; White, K.; Razdan, A.; Wonka, P.
Dart Throwing on Surfaces

Wu, Hongzhi; Dorsey, Julie; Rushmeier, Holly
Characteristic Point Maps

Chandak, Anish; Antani, Lakulish; Taylor, Micah; Manocha, Dinesh
FastV: From-point Visibility Culling on Complex Models

Cha, Deukhyun; Son, Sungjin; Ihm, Insung
GPU-Assisted High Quality Particle Rendering