Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2010

Howison, Mark; Bethel, E. Wes; Childs, Hank
MPI-hybrid Parallelism for Volume Rendering on Large, Multi-core Systems

Marchesin, Stéphane; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Cross-Node Occlusion in Sort-Last Volume Rendering

Hauswiesner, Stefan; Kalkofen, Denis; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Multi-Frame Rate Volume Rendering

Guntury, Sashidhar; Narayanan, P. J.
Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes with Shadows on the GPU

Bingel, Florian; Hinkenjann, Andre
Streamed Ray Tracing of Single Rays on the Cell Processor

Süß, Tim; Jähn, Claudius; Fischer, Matthias
Asynchronous Parallel Reliefboard Computation for Scene Object Approximation

Derzapf, Evgenij; Menzel, Nicolas; Guthe, Michael
Parallel View-Dependent Refinement of Compact Progressive Meshes

Goswami, Prashant; Makhinya, Maxim; Bösch, Jonas; Pajarola, Renato
Scalable Parallel Out-of-core Terrain Rendering

Caruso, Michael R.; Newman, Timothy S.
Self-Scheduled Parallel Isosurfacing using Distributed Span Space on Cell

Tchiboukdjian, Marc; Danjean, Vincent; Raffin, Bruno
Cache-Efficient Parallel Isosurface Extraction for Shared Cache Multicores

Martin, Steven; Shen, Han-Wei; McCormick, Patrick
Load-Balanced Isosurfacing on Multi-GPU Clusters

Kendall, Wesley; Peterka, Tom; Huang, Jian; Shen, Han-Wei; Ross, Robert
Accelerating and Benchmarking Radix-k Image Compositing at Large Scale

Makhinya, Maxim; Eilemann, Stefan; Pajarola, Renato
Fast Compositing for Cluster-Parallel Rendering

Cederman, Daniel; Tsigas, Philippas; Chaudhry, Muhammad Tayyab
Towards a Software Transactional Memory for Graphics Processors

Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas
PaTraCo: A Framework Enabling the Transparent and Efficient Programming of Heterogeneous Compute Networks