Computer Graphics Forum 2009 / CGF 28 - 3 

Anderson, John C.; Gosink, Luke J.; Duchaineau, Mark A.; Joy, Ken I.
Interactive Visualization of Function Fields by Range-Space Segmentation

Poelke, Konstantin; Polthier, Konrad
Lifted Domain Coloring

Bachthaler, Sven; Weiskopf, Daniel
Efficient and Adaptive Rendering of 2-D Continuous Scatterplots

Sanftmann, Harald; Weiskopf, Daniel
Illuminated 3D Scatterplots

Zhou, Hong; Cui, Weiwei; Qu, Huamin; Wu, Yingcai; Yuan, Xiaoru; Zhuo, Wei
Splatting the Lines in Parallel Coordinates

Jeong, Dong Hyun; Ziemkiewicz, Caroline; Fisher, Brian; Ribarsky, William; Chang, Remco
iPCA: An Interactive System for PCA-based Visual Analytics

Bruckner, Stefan; Gröller, M. Eduard
Instant Volume Visualization using Maximum Intensity Difference Accumulation

Song, Yuyan; Chen, Wei; Maciejewski, Ross; Gaither, Kelly P.; Ebert, David S.
Bivariate Transfer Functions on Unstructured Grids

Woodring, Jonathan; Shen, Han-Wei
Semi-Automatic Time-Series Transfer Functions via Temporal Clustering and Sequencing

Busking, Stef; Botha, Charl P.; Post, Frits H.
Direct Visualization of Deformation in Volumes

Grave, Frank; Müller, Thomas; Dachsbacher, Carsten; Wunner, Günter
The Gödel Engine - An Interactive Approach to Visualization in General Relativity

Grundy, Edward; Jones, Mark W.; Laramee, Robert S.; Wilson, Rory P.; Shepard, Emily L. C.
Visualisation of Sensor Data from Animal Movement

Long, Tran Van; Linsen, Lars
MultiClusterTree: Interactive Visual Exploration of Hierarchical Clusters in Multidimensional Multivariate Data

Sips, Mike; Neubert, Boris; Lewis, John P.; Hanrahan, Pat
Selecting Good Views of High-dimensional Data using Class Consistency

Liu, Baoquan; Clapworthy, Gordon J.; Dong, Feng
Accelerating Volume Raycasting using Proxy Spheres

Lindholm, Stefan; Ljung, Patric; Hadwiger, Markus; Ynnerman, Anders
Fused Multi-Volume DVR using Binary Space Partitioning

Schott, Mathias; Pegoraro, Vincent; Hansen, Charles; Boulanger, Kévin; Bouatouch, Kadi
A Directional Occlusion Shading Model for Interactive Direct Volume Rendering

Petz, Christoph; Kasten, Jens; Prohaska, Steffen; Hege, Hans-Christian
Hierarchical Vortex Regions in Swirling Flow

Schneider, Dominic; Wiebel, Alexander; Scheuermann, Gerik
Smooth Stream Surfaces of Fourth Order Precision

Obermaier, Harald; Hering-Bertram, Martin; Kuhnert, Jörg; Hagen, Hans
Volume Deformations in Grid-Less Flow Simulations

Yan, Zhicheng; Chen, Wei; Lu, Aidong; Ebert, David S.
Context-aware Volume Modeling of Skeletal Muscles

Neugebauer, Mathias; Gasteiger, Rocco; Beuing, Oliver; Diehl, Volker; Skalej, Martin; Preim, Bernhard
Combining Map Displays and 3D Visualizations for the Analysis of Scalar Data on Cerebral Aneurysm Surfaces

Janoos, Firdaus; Nouanesengsy, Boonthanome; Machiraju, Raghu; Shen, Han Wei; Sammet, Steffen; Knopp, Michael; Mórocz, István Á.
Visual Analysis of Brain Activity from fMRI Data

Ziemkiewicz, Caroline; Kosara, Robert
Preconceptions and Individual Differences in Understanding Visual Metaphors

Swindells, Colin; Tory, Melanie; Dreezer, Rebecca
Comparing Parameter Manipulation with Mouse, Pen, and Slider User Interfaces

Bertini, Enrico; Rigamonti, Maurizio; Lalanne, Denis
Extended Excentric Labeling

Xu, Songhua; Yang, Wenxia; Lau, Francis C.M.
A Visualization Based Approach for Digital Signature Authentication

Woo, Insoo; Kim, SungYe; Maciejewski, Ross; Ebert, David S.; Ropp, Timothy D.; Thomas, Krystal
SDViz: A Context-Preserving Interactive Visualization System for Technical Diagrams

Huang, Dandan; Tory, Melanie; Staub-French, Sheryl; Pottinger, Rachel
Visualization Techniques for Schedule Comparison

Willems, Niels; Wetering, Huub van de; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Visualization of Vessel Movements

Simonetto, Paolo; Auber, David; Archambault, Daniel
Fully Automatic Visualisation of Overlapping Sets

Greilich, Martin; Burch, Michael; Diehl, Stephan
Visualizing the Evolution of Compound Digraphs with TimeArcTrees

Holten, Danny; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Force-Directed Edge Bundling for Graph Visualization

Dwyer, Tim
Scalable, Versatile and Simple Constrained Graph Layout

Rosenthal, Paul; Linsen, Lars
Enclosing Surfaces for Point Clusters Using 3D Discrete Voronoi Diagrams

Vuçini, Erald; Möller, Torsten; Gröller, M. Eduard
On Visualization and Reconstruction from Non-Uniform Point Sets using B-splines

Entezari, Alireza; Mirzargar, Mahsa; Kalantari, Leila
Quasi-interpolation on the Body Centered Cubic Lattice

Finkbeiner, Bernhard; Alim, Usman R.; Ville, Dimitri Van De; Möller, Torsten
High-Quality Volumetric Reconstruction on Optimal Lattices for Computed Tomography

Isenberg, Petra; Fisher, Danyel
Collaborative Brushing and Linking for Co-located Visual Analytics of Document Collections

Collins, Christopher; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Penn, Gerald
DocuBurst: Visualizing Document Content using Language Structure

Albrecht, Joshua; Hwa, Rebecca; Marai, G. Elisabeta
The Chinese Room: Visualization and Interaction to Understand and Correct Ambiguous Machine Translation