EuroVis 2019 - Short Papers 2019

Johansson, Jimmy; Sadlo, Filip; Marai, G. Elisabeta
EuroVis 2019 Short Papers: Frontmatter

Mumtaz, Haris; Garderen, Mereke van; Beck, Fabian; Weiskopf, Daniel
Label Placement for Outliers in Scatterplots

Kosara, Robert
The Impact of Distribution and Chart Type on Part-to-Whole Comparisons

Kosara, Robert
Circular Part-to-Whole Charts Using the Area Visual Cue

Micallef, Luana; Schulz, Hans-Jörg; Angelini, Marco; Aupetit, Michaël; Chang, Remco; Kohlhammer, Jörn; Perer, Adam; Santucci, Giuseppe
The Human User in Progressive Visual Analytics

Pérez-Messina, Ignacio; Graells-Garrido, Eduardo
Visualizing Transportation Flows with Mode Split using Glyphs

Kim, Younghoon; Thayer, Kyle; Gorsky, Gabriella Silva; Heer, Jeffrey
Color Names Across Languages: Salient Colors and Term Translation in Multilingual Color Naming Models

Dubois, Jérôme; Lekien, Jacques-Bernard
Highly Efficient Controlled Hierarchical Data Reduction techniques for Interactive Visualization of Massive Simulation Data

Saldanha, Emily; Praggastis, Brenda; Billow, Todd; Arendt, Dustin L.
ReLVis: Visual Analytics for Situational Awareness During Reinforcement Learning Experimentation

Bujack, Roxana; Dutta, Soumya; Rojo, Irene Baeza; Zhang, Duan; Günther, Tobias
Objective Finite-Time Saddles and their Connection to FTLE

Samsel, Francesca; Overmyer, Trinity; Navrátil, Paul A.
Highlight Insert Colormaps: Luminance for Focused Data Analysis

Tian, Xingze; Günther, Tobias
Simulation and Visualization of Fluid Flows Around Real Objects in Augmented Reality

Bruder, Valentin; Schulz, Christoph; Bauer, Ruben; Frey, Steffen; Weiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas
Voronoi-Based Foveated Volume Rendering

Mosca, Abigail; Robinson, Shannon; Clarke, Meredith; Redelmeier, Rebecca; Coates, Sebastian; Cashman, Dylan; Chang, Remco
Defining an Analysis: A Study of Client-Facing Data Scientists

Keck, Mandy; Groh, Rainer
A Construction Kit for Visual Exploration Interfaces

Kassel, Jan-Frederik; Rohs, Michael
Online Learning of Visualization Preferences through Dueling Bandits for Enhancing Visualization Recommendations

Mu, Xing; Xu, Ke; Chen, Qing; Du, Fan; Wang, Yun; Qu, Huamin
MOOCad: Visual Analysis of Anomalous Learning Activities in Massive Open Online Courses

McNeill, Graham; Hale, Scott A.
Viz-Blocks: Building Visualizations and Documents in the Browser

Dang, Tommy; Nguyen, Huyen N.; Pham, Vung
WordStream: Interactive Visualization for Topic Evolution

Nakazawa, Rina; Itoh, Takayuki; Saito, Takafumi
CoCoa: A Linked Network Visualization System of Co-citation and Co-author Relationships

Latif, Shahid; Su, Kaidie; Beck, Fabian
Authoring Combined Textual and Visual Descriptions of Graph Data

Ottley, Alvitta; Kaszowska, Aleksandra; Crouser, R. Jordan; Peck, Evan M.
The Curious Case of Combining Text and Visualization

Brath, Richard; MacMurchy, Peter; Banissi, Ebad
The Design Space of SparkWords