Eurographics/ ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation 2009

Preface and Table of Contents

Weise, Thibaut; Li, Hao; Gool, Luc Van; Pauly, Mark
Face/Off: Live Facial Puppetry

Müller, Meinard; Baak, Andreas; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Efficient and Robust Annotation of Motion Capture Data

Zhao, Liming; Normoyle, Aline; Khanna, Sanjeev; Safonova, Alla
Automatic Construction of a Minimum Size Motion Graph

Shiratori, Takaaki; Coley, Brooke; Cham, Rakié; Hodgins, Jessica K.
Simulating Balance Recovery Responses to Trips Based on Biomechanical Principles

Jain, Sumit; Liu, C. Karen
Interactive Synthesis of Human-Object Interaction

Oskam, Thomas; Sumner, Robert W.; Thuerey, Nils; Gross, Markus
Visibility Transition Planning for Dynamic Camera Control

Ben-Chen, Mirela; Weber, Ofir; Gotsman, Craig
Spatial Deformation Transfer

Schvartzman, Sara C.; Gascón, Jorge; Otaduy, Miguel A.
Bounded Normal Trees for Reduced Deformations of Triangulated Surfaces

Rohmer, Damien; Hahmann, Stefanie; Cani, Marie-Paule
Exact volume preserving skinning with shape control

Jain, Eakta; Sheikh, Yaser; Hodgins, Jessica
Leveraging the Talent of Hand Animators to Create Three-Dimensional Animation

Neff, Michael; Kim, Yejin
Interactive Editing of Motion Style Using Drives and Correlations

Mukai, Tomohiko; Kuriyama, Shigeru
Pose-Timeline for Propagating Motion Edits

Ma, Xiaohan; Le, Binh Huy; Deng, Zhigang
Style Learning and Transferring for Facial Animation Editing

Gerszewski, Dan; Bhattacharya, Haimasree; Bargteil, Adam W.
A Point-Based Method for Animating Elastoplastic Solids

Hsu, Shu-Wei; Keyser, John
Statistical Simulation of Rigid Bodies

Pabst, Simon; Thomaszewski, Bernhard; Straßer, Wolfgang
Anisotropic Friction for Deformable Surfaces and Solids

Su, Jonathan; Schroeder, Craig; Fedkiw, Ronald
Energy Stability and Fracture for Frame Rate Rigid Body Simulations

Parker, Eric G.; O'Brien, James F.
Real-Time Deformation and Fracture in a Game Environment

Guyy, Stephen. J.; Chhugani, Jatin; Kim, Changkyu; Satish, Nadathur; Lin, Ming; Manocha, Dinesh; Dubey, Pradeep
ClearPath: Highly Parallel Collision Avoidance for Multi-Agent Simulation

Pettré, Julien; Ondrej, Jan; Olivier, Anne-Hélène; Cretual, Armel; Donikian, Stéphane
Experiment-based Modeling, Simulation and Validation of Interactions between VirtualWalkers

Lerner, Alon; Fitusi, Eitan; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Fitting Behaviors to Pedestrian Simulations

Kapadia, Mubbasir; Singh, Shawn; Allen, Brian; Reinman, Glenn; Faloutsos, Petros
SteerBug: An Interactive Framework for Specifying and Detecting Steering Behaviors

Nielsen, Michael B.; Christensen, Brian B.; Zafar, Nafees Bin; Roble, Doug; Museth, Ken
Guiding of Smoke Animations Through Variational Coupling of Simulations at Different Resolutions

Robinson-Mosher, Avi; English, R. Elliot; Fedkiw, Ronald
Accurate Tangential Velocities For Solid Fluid Coupling

Müller, Matthias
Fast and Robust Tracking of Fluid Surfaces

Sin, Funshing; Bargteil, Adam W.; Hodgins, Jessica K.
A Point-based Method for Animating Incompressible Flow