Preface and Table of Contents

Choi, Myung Geol; Noh, Seung-Tak; Komura, Taku; Igarashi, Takeo
Dynamic Comics for Hierarchical Abstraction of 3D Animation Data

Xia, Yang; Wu, Jiangqin; Gao, Pengcheng; Lin, Yuan; Mao, Tianjiao
Ontology-based Model for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis

Tang, Min; Tong, Ruofeng; Narain, Rahul; Meng, Chang; Manocha, Dinesh
A GPU-based Streaming Algorithm for High-Resolution Cloth Simulation

Jeon, Inyong; Choi, Kwang-Jin; Kim, Tae-Yong; Choi, Bong-Ouk; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Constrainable Multigrid for Cloth

Chan, Jacky C. P.; Tang, Jeff K. T.; Leung, Howard
Synthesizing Two-character Interactions by Merging Captured Interaction Samples with their Spacetime Relationships

Sofer, Yerry; Hassner, Tal; Sharf, Andrei
Interactive Learning for Point-Cloud Motion Segmentation

Ho, Edmond S. L.; Shum, Hubert P. H.; Cheung, Yiu-ming; Yuen, P. C.
Topology Aware Data-Driven Inverse Kinematics

Luo, Sheng-Jie; Lin, Chin-Yu; Shen, I-Chao; Chen, Bing-Yu
Stroke-guided Image Synthesis for Skeletal Structure Editing

Weng, Yanlin; Wang, Lvdi; Li, Xiao; Chai, Menglei; Zhou, Kun
Hair Interpolation for Portrait Morphing

Zhou, Bin; Chen, Xiaowu; Fu, Qiang; Guo, Kan; Tan, Ping
Garment Modeling from a Single Image

Wenger, Stephan; Lorenz, Dirk; Magnor, Marcus
Fast Image-Based Modeling of Astronomical Nebulae

Xing, Guanyu; Zhou, Xuehong; Peng, Qunsheng; Liu, Yanli; Qin, Xueying
Lighting Simulation of Augmented Outdoor Scene Based on a Legacy Photograph

Gruson, Adrien; Ribardière, Mickael; Cozot, Remi
Eye-Centered Color Adaptation in Global Illumination

Rousselle, Fabrice; Manzi, Marco; Zwicker, Matthias
Robust Denoising using Feature and Color Information

Lu, Heqi; Pacanowski, Romain; Granier, Xavier
Second-Order Approximation for Variance Reduction in Multiple Importance Sampling

Lin, Yi-Shan; Luo, Sheng-Jie; Chen, Bing-Yu
Artistic QR Code Embellishment

Lei, Su-Ian Eugene; Chen, Ying-Chieh; Chen, Hsiang-Ting; Chang, Chun-Fa
Interactive Physics-based Ink Splattering Art Creation

Fan, Lubin; Wang, Ruimin; Xu, Linlin; Deng, Jiansong; Liu, Ligang
Modeling by Drawing with Shadow Guidance

Zhu, Lifeng; Igarashi, Takeo; Mitani, Jun
Soft Folding

Kim, Young Min; Mitra, Niloy J.; Huang, Qixing; Guibas, Leonidas
Guided Real-Time Scanning of Indoor Objects

Yang, Yong-Liang; Huang, Qi-Xing
TrayGen: Arranging Objects for Exhibition and Packaging

Limper, Max; Jung, Yvonne; Behr, Johannes; Alexa, Marc
The POP Buffer: Rapid Progressive Clustering by Geometry Quantization

Auer, Stefan; Westermann, Rüdiger
A Semi-Lagrangian Closest Point Method for Deforming Surfaces

Zhou, Yahan; Lun, Zhaoliang; Kalogerakis, Evangelos; Wang, Rui
Implicit Integration for Particle-based Simulation of Elasto-Plastic Solids

Jeong, SoHyeon; Kim, Chang-Hun
Combustion Waves on the Point Set Surface

Azevedo, Vinicius C.; Oliveira, Manuel M.
Efficient Smoke Simulation on Curvilinear Grids

Ju, Jinlong; Wang, Jue; Liu, Yebin; Wang, Haoqian; Dai, Qionghai
A Progressive Tri-level Segmentation Approach for Topology-Change-Aware Video Matting

Xue, Su; Agarwala, Aseem; Dorsey, Julie; Rushmeier, Holly
Learning and Applying Color Styles From Feature Films

Wang, Zhong-Qiang; Zhang, Lei; Huang, Hua
Multiplane Video Stabilization

Eilertsen, Gabriel; Wanat, Robert; Mantiuk, Rafal K.; Unger, Jonas
Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators for HDR-Video

Xu, Xiang; Seah, Hock Soon; Quah, Chee Kwang
Animated 3D Line Drawings with Temporal Coherence

Son, Minjung; Kim, Byungmoon; Wilensky, Gregg; Lee, Seungyong
Still-Frame Simulation for Fire Effects of Images

Gautron, Pascal; Delalandre, Cyril; Marvie, Jean-Eudes; Lecocq, Pascal
Boundary-Aware Extinction Mapping

Tokuyoshi, Yusuke; Sekine, Takashi; Silva, Tiago da; Kanai, Takashi
Adaptive Ray-bundle Tracing with Memory Usage Prediction: Efficient Global Illumination in Large Scenes

Middendorf, Lars; Haubelt, Christian
A Programmable Graphics Processor based on Partial Stream Rewriting

Choi, Byeongjun; Chang, Byungjoon; Ihm, Insung
Improving Memory Space Efficiency of Kd-tree for Real-time Ray Tracing

Schwartz, Christopher; Ruiters, Roland; Klein, Reinhard
Level-of-Detail Streaming and Rendering using Bidirectional Sparse Virtual Texture Functions

Zhang, Zhiyuan; Yin, KangKang; Foong, Kelvin W. C.
Symmetry Robust Descriptor for Non-Rigid Surface Matching

Shi, Kan-Le; Yong, Jun-Hai; Tang, Lei; Sun, Jia-Guang; Paul, Jean-Claude
Polar NURBS Surface with Curvature Continuity

Zhu, Lei; Wie, Mingqiang; Yu, Jinze; Wang, Weiming; Qin, Jing; Heng, Pheng-Ann
Coarse-to-Fine Normal Filtering for Feature-Preserving Mesh Denoising Based on Isotropic Subneighborhoods

Weng, Yanlin; Chai, Menglei; Xu, Weiwei; Tong, Yiying; Zhou, Kun
As-Rigid-As-Possible Distance Field Metamorphosis

Zhang, Jun; Chen, Xiuhong; Zhao, Yan; Li, H.
An Efficient and Scalable Image Filtering Framework Using VIPS Fusion

Cadík, Martin; Herzog, Robert; Mantiuk, Rafal; Mantiuk, Radoslaw; Myszkowski, Karol; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Learning to Predict Localized Distortions in Rendered Images

Banterle, Francesco; Callieri, Marco; Dellepiane, Matteo; Corsini, Massimiliano; Pellacini, Fabio; Scopigno, Roberto
EnvyDepth: An Interface for Recovering Local Natural Illumination from Environment Maps

Xiao, Chunxia; Xiao, Donglin; Zhang, Ling; Chen, Lin
Efficient Shadow Removal Using Subregion Matching Illumination Transfer