Symposium on Computer Animation 2003

Kacic-Alesic, Zoran; Nordenstam, Marcus; Bullock, David
A Practical Dynamics System

Hauth, M.; Groß, J.; Straßer, W.
Interactive Physically Based Solid Dynamics

Bridson, R.; Marino, S.; Fedkiw, R.
Simulation of Clothing with Folds and Wrinkles

Bhat, Kiran S.; Twigg, Christopher D.; Hodgins, Jessica K.; Khosla, Pradeep K.; Popovic, Zoran; Seitz, Steven M.
Estimating Cloth Simulation Parameters from Video

Huang, G.; Metaxas, D.; Govindaraj, M.
Feel the 'Fabric': An Audio-Haptic Interface

Grinspun, Eitan; Hirani, Anil N.; Desbrun, Mathieu; Schröder, Peter
Discrete Shells

Teran, J.; Blemker, S.; Hing, V. Ng Thow; Fedkiw, R.
Finite Volume Methods for the Simulation of Skeletal Muscle

Wei, Xiaoming; Zhao, Ye; Fan, Zhe; Li, Wei; Yoakum-Stover, Suzanne; Kaufman, Arie
Blowing in the Wind

Kim, Theodore; Lin, Ming C.
Visual Simulation of Ice Crystal Growth

Albrecht, Irene; Haber, Jörg; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Construction and Animation of Anatomically Based Human Hand Models

Koura, George El; Singh, Karan
Handrix: Animating the Human Hand

Seo, Hyewon; Cordier, Frederic; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
Synthesizing Animatable Body Models with Parameterized Shape Modifications

Ibarria, Lawrence; Rossignac, Jarek
Dynapack: Space-Time compression of the 3D animations of triangle meshes with fixed connectivity

Briceño, Hector M.; Sander, Pedro V.; McMillan, Leonard; Gortler, Steven; Hoppe, Hugues
Geometry Videos: A New Representation for 3D Animations

Neyret, Fabrice
Advected Textures

Müller, Matthias; Charypar, David; Gross, Markus
Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications

Schpok, Joshua; Simons, Joseph; Ebert, David S.; Hansen, Charles
A Real-Time Cloud Modeling, Rendering, and Animation System

Pyun, Hyewon; Kim, Yejin; Chae, Wonseok; Kang, Hyung Woo; Shin, Sung Yong
An Example-Based Approach for Facial Expression Cloning

Zhang, Qingshan; Liu, Zicheng; Guo, Baining; Shum, Harry
Geometry-Driven Photorealistic Facial Expression Synthesis

Joshi, Pushkar; Tien, Wen C.; Desbrun, Mathieu; Pighin, Frédéric
Learning Controls for Blend Shape Based Realistic Facial Animation

Chai, Jin-xiang; Xiao, Jing; Hodgins, Jessica
Vision-based Control of 3D Facial Animation

Bertails, F.; Kim, T-Y.; Cani, M-P.; Neumann, U.
Adaptive Wisp Tree - a multiresolution control structure for simulating dynamic clustering in hair motion

Kovar, Lucas; Gleicher, Michael
Flexible Automatic Motion Blending with Registration Curves

Cao, Yong; Faloutsos, Petros; Pighin, Frédéric
Unsupervised Learning for Speech Motion Editing

Wang, Jing; Bodenheimer, Bobby
An Evaluation of a Cost Metric for Selecting Transitions between Motion Segments

Neff, Michael; Fiume, Eugene
Aesthetic Edits For Character Animation

Zordan, Victor B.; Horst, Nicholas C. Van Der
Mapping optical motion capture data to skeletal motion using a physical model

Guskov, Igor; Klibanov, Sergey; Bryant, Benjamin
Trackable Surfaces

Pettré, Julien; Laumond, Jean-Paul; Siméon, Thierry
A 2-Stages Locomotion Planner for Digital Actors

Devillers, Frédéric; Donikian, Stéphane
A Scenario Language to orchestrate Virtual World Evolution

Shim, Yoon-Sik; Kim, Chang-Hun
Generating Flying Creatures using Body-Brain Co-Evolution

Anderson, Matt; McDaniel, Eric; Chenney, Stephen
Constrained Animation of Flocks

Zongker, Douglas E.; Salesin, David H.
On Creating Animated Presentations

Li, Yin; Gleicher, Michael; Xu, Ying-Qing; Shum, Heung-Yeung
Stylizing Motion with Drawings

Davis, James; Agrawala, Maneesh; Chuang, Erika; Popovic, Zoran; Salesin, David
A Sketching Interface for Articulated Figure Animation

Yin, KangKang; Pai, Dinesh K.
FootSee: an Interactive Animation System

Zhao, Yonghong; Ong, Hong-Yang; Tan, Tiow-Seng; Xiao, Yongguan
Interactive Control of Component-based Morphing

Cardle, M.; Brooks, S.; Bar-Joseph, Z.; Robinson, P.
Sound-by-Numbers: Motion-Driven Sound Synthesis