Computer Graphics Forum 1997 / CGF 16 - 2 


Coquillart, Sabine; Seidel, Hans-Peter

Hart, John C.
Implicit Representations of Rough Surfaces

Yao, Chengfu; Rokne, Jon G.
Applying Rounding-Up Integral Linear Interpolation to the Scan-Conversion of Filled Polygons

Shaw, Erin
Hierarchical Radiosity for Dynamic Environments

Zalik, Borut; Clapworthy, Gordon; Oblonsek, Crtomir
An Efficient Code-Based Voxel-Traversing Algorithm

Gibson, S.; Hubbold, R. J.
Perceptually-Driven Radiosity

Gibson, S.; Hubbold, R. J.
Image Credit to G. Elber

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