Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1991

Akeley, Kurt
Issues and Directions for Graphics Hardware Accelerators

Guravage, M.A.; Blake, E.H.; Kuijk, A.A.M.
XInPosse: Structural Simulation for Graphics Hardware

Renz, Oliver; Groene, Alwin
Silicon Compilers for Graphics Hardware Design

Selzer, Harald
Dynamic Load Balancing within a High PerformanceGraphics System

Lefevere, V.; Karpf, S.; Chaillou, C.; Meriaux, M.
The I.M.O.G.E.N .E. Machine: Some Hardware Elements

Cohen, Daniel; Bakalash, Reuven
The Conveyor - an Interconnection Device for ParallelVolumetric Transformations

Yagel, Roni
The Flipping Cube: A Device for Rotating 3D Rasters

Morgan, Marc; Hersch, Roger D.
Hardware Outline Character Rasterization

Rossignac, Jarek R.
Accurate Scanconversion of Triangulated Surfaces

Dunnett, G. J.; White, M.; Lister, P. F.; Grimsdale, R. L.
Testing Geometric Primitive Shaders

Ackermann, Hans-Josef; Hornung, Christoph
An Architecture for a High Performance Rendering Engine

Shen, L.S.; Laarakker, F.A.J.; Deprettere, E.
Space Partitioning for Mapping RadiosityComputations onto a Pipelined Parallel Architecture (II)