Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging 2009

Xu, Ling; Mould, David
Magnetic Curves: Curvature-Controlled Aesthetic Curves Using Magnetic Fields

Seo, SangHyun; Park, JinWan; Yoon, KyungHyun
A Painterly Rendering Based on Stroke Profile and Database

Teoh, Soon Tee
Generalized Descriptions for the Procedural Modeling of Ancient East Asian Buildings

Akagi, Yasuhiro; Kataama, Mitsunori; Kitajima, Katsuhiro
Controlling Color Regions of Leaves with Painting Techniques for Landscape Arts

Bratkova, Margarita; Thompson, William B.; Shirley, Peter
Automatic Views of Natural Scenes

Jepp, Pauline; Araujo, Bruno; Jorge, Joaquim; Wyvill, Brian; Sousa, Mario Costa
Style Nodes and Repolygonization for Hierarchical Tree-Based Implicit Surface Modelling

Pohl, Mathias; Schmitt, Markus; Diehl, Stephan
Comparing the Readability of Graph Layouts using Eyetracking and Task-oriented Analysis

Spehr, Marcel; Wallraven, Christian; Fleming, Roland W.
Image Statistics for Clustering Paintings According to their Visual Appearance

Sudarsanam, Nisha; Grimm, Cindy; Singh, Karan
CubeCam: A Screen-space Camera Manipulation Tool

Li, Chuan; Hall, Peter; Willis, Philip
ARTcams: Attributed Rational Tensor Cameras

Kim, Min H.; Kautz, Jan
Consistent Scene Illumination using a Chromatic Flash

Brooks, Stephen
Movie Posters from Video by Example

Grimm, Cindy
Adding Lighting and Viewing Effects to Digital Images

Dodgson, Neil A.; Grundland, Mark; Vohra, Rahul
Contrast Brushes: Interactive Image Enhancement by Direct Manipulation

Kalaidjian, Alex; Kaplan, Craig S.; Mann, Stephen
Automated Landscape Painting in the Style of Bob Ross

Deussen, Oliver
Aesthetic Placement of Points Using Generalized Lloyd Relaxation

Bartram, Lyn; Nakatani, Ai
Distinctive Parameters of Expressive Motion

Wallraven, Christian; Cunningham, Douglas W.; Rigau, Jaume; Feixas, Miquel; Sbert, Mateu
Aesthetic Appraisal of Art - from Eye Movements to Computers