Eurographics 2009 - Tutorials 2009

Preface and Table of Contents

Hammond, T.; Paulson, B.; Eoff, B.
EUROGRAPHICS Tutorial on Sketch Recognition

Donikian, Stéphane; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; Pettré, Julien; Thalmann, Daniel
Course: Modeling Individualities in Groups and Crowds

Sorkine, Olga; Botsch, Mario
Interactive Shape Modeling and Deformation

Hadwiger, Markus; Ljung, Patric; Salama, Christof Rezk; Ropinski, Timo
GPU-Based Volume Ray-Casting with Advanced Illumination

Adams, Bart; Wicke, Martin
Meshless Approximation Methods and Applications in Physics Based Modeling and Animation

Magnenat-Thalmann, N.; Schmid, J.; Delingette, H.; Agus, M.; Guitian, J. A. Iglesias
3D Anatomical Modelling and Simulation Concepts

Müller, Meinard
Analysis and Retrieval Techniques for Motion and Music Data