Computer Graphics Forum 2012 / CGF 31 - 8 


Wang, Y.; Liu, B.; Tong, Y.
Linear Surface Reconstruction from Discrete Fundamental Forms on Triangle Meshes

Derzapf, E.; Guthe, M.
Dependency‐Free Parallel Progressive Meshes

Thiery, Jean‐Marc; Tierny, Julien; Boubekeur, Tamy
CageR: Cage‐Based Reverse Engineering of Animated 3D Shapes

Lipşa, Dan R.; Laramee, Robert S.; Cox, Simon J.; Roberts, Jonathan C.; Walker, Rick; Borkin, Michelle A.; Pfister, Hanspeter
Visualization for the Physical Sciences

Timonen, Ville
Low‐Complexity Intervisibility in Height Fields

Kerber, J.; Wang, M.; Chang, J.; Zhang, J. J.; Belyaev, A.; Seidel, H.‐P.
Computer Assisted Relief Generation—A Survey

Scherzer, Daniel; Yang, Lei; Mattausch, Oliver; Nehab, Diego; Sander, Pedro V.; Wimmer, Michael; Eisemann, Elmar
Temporal Coherence Methods in Real‐Time Rendering

Weber, Ofir; Poranne, Roi; Gotsman, Craig
Biharmonic Coordinates

Melvær, Eivind Lyche; Reimers, Martin
Geodesic Polar Coordinates on Polygonal Meshes

Orthmann, Jens; Kolb, Andreas
Temporal Blending for Adaptive SPH

Borgo, R.; Chen, M.; Daubney, B.; Grundy, E.; Heidemann, G.; Höferlin, B.; Höferlin, M.; Leitte, H.; Weiskopf, D.; Xie, X.
State of the Art Report on Video‐Based Graphics and Video Visualization

Mantiuk, Rafał K.; Tomaszewska, Anna; Mantiuk, Radosław
Comparison of Four Subjective Methods for Image Quality Assessment

Geijtenbeek, T.; Pronost, N.
Interactive Character Animation Using Simulated Physics: A State‐of‐the‐Art Review

Noris, G.; Sýkora, D.; Shamir, A.; Coros, S.; Whited, B.; Simmons, M.; Hornung, A.; Gross, M.; Sumner, R.
Smart Scribbles for Sketch Segmentation

Kaufman, Liad; Lischinski, Dani; Werman, Michael
Content‐Aware Automatic Photo Enhancement

Meyer, Quirin; Keinert, Benjamin; Sußner, Gerd; Stamminger, Marc
Data‐Parallel Decompression of Triangle Mesh Topology

Günther, D.; Seidel, H.‐P.; Weinkauf, T.
Extraction of Dominant Extremal Structures in Volumetric Data Using Separatrix Persistence

Rushmeier, Holly; Deussen, Oliver