Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2004

Furumura, T.; Chen, L.
Visualization of Seismic Wave Propagation from Recent Damaging Earthquakes in Japan: Dense Array Observations and Parallel Simulations Using the Earth Simulator

Welch, P. H.
Through the Concurrency Gateway: a Challenge from the Near Future of Graphics Hardware

Wang, Chaoli; Gao, Jinzhu; Shen, Han-Wei
Parallel Multiresolution Volume Rendering of Large Data Sets with Error-Guided Load Balancing

Yu, Hongfeng; Ma, Kwan-Liu; Welling, Joel
I/O Strategies for Parallel Rendering of Large Time-Varying Volume Data

Strengert, Magnus; Magallón, Marcelo; Weiskopf, Daniel; Guthe, Stefan; Ertl, Thomas
Hierarchical Visualization and Compression of Large Volume Datasets Using GPU Clusters

Pino, Stéphane Del
A hierarchical and view dependent visualization algorithm for tree based AMR data in 2D or 3D

Gouranton, V.; Limet, S.; Madougou, S.; Melin, E.
A Scalable Cluster-based Parallel Simplification Framework for Height Fields

Borgo, R.; Pascucci, V.; Scopigno, R.
Massive Data Pre-Processing with a Cluster Based Approach

Neeman, A.; Sulatycke, P.; Ghose, K.
Fast Remote Isosurface Visualization With Chessboarding

Zhang, Huijuan; Newman, Timothy S.; Zhang, Xiang
Case Study of Multithreaded In-core Isosurface Extraction Algorithms

DeMarle, David E.; Gribble, Christiaan P.; Parker, Steven G.
Memory-Savvy Distributed Interactive Ray Tracing

Plachetka, T.
Tuning of Algorithms for Independent Task Placement in the Context of Demand-Driven Parallel Ray Tracing

Liang, Kevin; Monger, Patricia; Couchman, Huge
Interactive Parallel Visualization of Large Particle Datasets

Keckeisen, M.; Blochinger, W.
Parallel Implicit Integration for Cloth Animations on Distributed Memory Architectures