Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2005

Miller, Samuel A.; Misch, Noah J.; Dalton, Aaron J.
Low-Cost, Portable, Multi-Wall Virtual Reality

Hopp, Armin
Using a single Spatial light modulator for stereoscopic images of high color quality and resolution

Kuechler, M.; Kunz, A.
Imperceptible Projection Blanking for Reliable Segmentation within Mixed Reality Applications

Assenmacher, I.; Kuhlen, T.; Lentz, T.
Binaural Acoustics For CAVE-like Environments Without Headphones

Rhijn, Arjen van; Mulder, Jurriaan D.
Optical Tracking and Calibration of Tangible Interaction Devices

Reunanen, M.; Palovuori, K.; Ilmonen, T.; Mäkelä, W.
Näprä - Affordable Fingertip Tracking with Ultrasound

Allard, Jérémie; Ménier, Clément; Boyer, Edmond; Raffin, Bruno
Running Large VR Applications on a PC Cluster: the FlowVR Experience

Hashimoto, Naoki; Ishida, Yoshihiko; Sato, Makoto
A Game Engine-based Multi-Projection Virtual Environment with System-Level Synchronization

J.Metze,; Neidhold, B.; Wacker, M.
Towards a general concept for distributed visualisation of simulations in Virtual Reality environments

Kovalcík, Vít; Tobola, Petr
Dynamic Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Occlusion Culling

Murakami, N.; Onishi, K.; Kitamura, Y.; Kishino, F.
Modeling of Trees with 3D Gestures and Growth Simulation

Mosegaard, J.; Sørensen, T. S.
Real-time Deformation of Detailed Geometry Based on Mappings to a Less Detailed Physical Simulation on the GPU

Río, A. del; Fischer, J.; Köbele, M.; Bartz, D.; Straßer, W.
Augmented Reality Interaction for Semiautomatic Volume Classification

Griffith, E. J.; Post, F. H.; Koutek, M.; Heus, T.; Jonker, H. J. J.
Feature Tracking in VR for Cumulus Cloud Life-Cycle Studies

Fuhrmann, A. L.; Splechtna, R. C.; Mroz, L.; Hauser, H.
Distributed Software-Based Volume Visualization in a Virtual Environment

Holmen, H.; Nielsen, F.
Language Learning in Virtual Environments: Bobo and Apples

Liere, R. van; Martens, J.-B. O. S.; Kok, A. J. F.; Tienen, M. H. A. V. van
Interacting with Molecular Structures: User Performance versus System Complexity

Baird, Bridget; Izmirli, Özgür; Heacock, Bradford; Blevins, Donald
Attribute Correlations between Haptic and Auditory Modalities

Ilmonen, Tommi; Reunanen, Markku
Virtual Pockets in Virtual Reality

Boschker, Breght R.; Mulder, Jurriaan D.
Evaluation of Collaborative Construction in Mixed Reality

Moehring, Mathias; Froehlich, Bernd
Pseudo-Physical Interaction with a Virtual Car Interior in Immersive Environments

Kim, Hyosun; Albuquerque, Georgia; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
Tangible 3D: Hand Gesture Interaction for Immersive 3D Modeling

Haan, Gerwin de; Koutek, Michal; Post, Frits H.
IntenSelect: Using Dynamic Object Rating for Assisting 3D Object Selection

Roberts, D.; Al-Liabi, M.; Wolff, R.; Otto, O.; Al-Khalifah, A.
Reducing Fragmentation in Telecollaboration by Using IPT Interfaces

Ogi, T.; Fujise, T.
Experience of a Hybrid Information Space between an Outdoor Field and an Immersive Virtual World

Weng, Dongdong; Wang, Yongtian; Liu, Yue
Applications of Augmented Reality for Maintenance Training

Osawa, N.
Enhanced Hand Manipulation for Efficient and Precise Positioning and Release

Mannuß, F.; Hinkenjann, A.
Towards Better Quality in Virtual Environments

Backman, Anders
Colosseum3D Authoring framework for Virtual Environments