Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments 2001

Grosjean, Jérôme; Coquillart, Sabine
Command and Control Cube : a Shortcut Paradigm for Virtual Environments

Hofmann, Jan; Jäger, Thomas J.; Deffke, Thorben; Bubb, Heiner
Measuring an Illusion:The Influence of System Performance on Size Perception in Virtual Environments

Lessiter, J.; Freeman, J.
Presence a global media quality metric

Sastry, L.; Boyd, D. R. S.; Wilson, M. D.
Design review and visualization steering using the INQUISITIVE interaction toolkit

Smith, G.; Stuerzlinger, W.
On the Utility of Semantic Constraints

Stoev, Stanislav L.; Schmalstieg, Dieter; Straßer, Wolfgang
Two-Handed Through-the-Lens-Techniques for Navigation in Virtual Environments

Koutek, Michal; Post, Frits H.
Spring-Based Manipulation Tools for Virtual Environments

Gaggioli, Andrea; Breining, Ralf
Perception and Mental Rotation of 3D-Freeform Surfaces in an Immersive Projection System

Wellard, R.; Chapman, S.C.
An Investigation into the design of an Interface for Interaction with a Virtual Environment representing a four-dimensional object

Rantzau, D.; Maurer, F.; Mayer, C.; Löffler, R.; Riedel, O.; Scharm, H.; Banek, D.
The integration of immersive Virtual Reality applications into Catia V5

Wierse, Andreas
COVISE and the Virtual Intuitive Simulation Test bed

GERMANS, Desmond; SPOELDER, Hans J.W.; RENAMBOT, Luc; BAL, Henri E.
VIRPI: A High-Level Toolkit for Interactive Scientific Visualization in Virtual Reality

Greeff, M.; Lalioti, V.
Interactive Storytelling with Virtual Identities

Moher, T.; Johnson, A.; Cho, Y.; Lin, Y.
First-Person Science Inquiry in the Field

Steffan, Roland; Kuhlen, Torsten
MAESTRO - a tool for interactive assembly simulation in virtual environments

Steed, Anthony; Mortensen, Jesper; Frécon, Emmanuel
Spelunking: Experiences using the DIVE System on CAVE-like Platforms

Bues, Matthias; Blach, Roland; Stegmaier, Simon; Häfner, Ulrich; Hoffmann, Hilko; Haselberger, Frank
Towards a Scalable High Performance Application Platform for Immersive Virtual Environments

El-Sana, Jihad
Remote View-Dependent Rendering

Schulze-Döbold, Jürgen; Wössner, Uwe; Walz, Steffen P.; Lang, Ulrich
Volume Rendering in a Virtual Environment

Leigh, Jason; Yu, Oliver; Schonfeld, Dan; Ansari, Rashid; He, Eric; Nayak, Atul; Ge, Jinghua; Krishnaprasad, Naveen; Park, Kyoung; Cho, Yong-joo; Hu, Liujia; Fang, Ray; Verlo, Alan; Winkler, Linda; DeFanti, Thomas A.
Adaptive Networking for Tele-Immersion

Majumder, Aditi; GregWelch,
COMPUTER GRAPHICS OPTIQUE Optical Superposition of Projected Computer Graphics

Fuhrmann, A.L.; Splechtna, R.; Prikryl, J.
Comprehensive Calibration and Registration Procedures for Augmented Reality

Välkkynen, Pasi; Heinilä, Juhani; Lainio, Sari; Lakaniemi, Sami; Väätänen, Antti
Using Exercise Cycle as a Haptic Input Device in a Virtual Environment

Ogi, Tetsuro; Yamada, Toshio; Yamamoto, Koji; Hirose, Michitaka
Invisible Interface for the Immersive Virtual World

Scharm, H.; Maurer, F.; Neuber, D.; Löffler, R.; Rantzau, D.; Banek, D.
Control Software for the productive Use of distributed IPT Installations

Kunz, Andreas M.; Spagno, Christian P.
Novel Shutter Glass Control for Simultaneous Projection and Picture Acquisition

Hoch, Michael; Jää-Aro, Kai-Mikael; Bowers, John
Round Table: A Physical Interface for Virtual Camera Deployment in Electronic Arenas