Computer Graphics Forum 2003 / CGF 22 - 2 

Duke, David; Scopigno, Roberto

Platis, Nikos; Theoharis, Theoharis
Progressive Hulls for Intersection Applications

Laycock, S. D.; Day, A. M.
Recent Developments and Applications of Haptic Devices

Kipfer, Peter; Reck, Frank; Greiner, Gunther
Local Exact Particle Tracing on Unstructured Grids

Hsu, P.-C.; Lee, C.
The Scale Method for Blending Operations in Functionally-Based Constructive Geometry

Zhang, Yu; Prakash, Edmond C.; Sung, Eric
Efficient Modeling of An Anatomy-Based Face and Fast 3D Facial Expression Synthesis

Henrique de Figueiredo, Luiz; Stolfi, Jorge; Velho, Luiz
Approximating Parametric Curves With Strip Trees Using Affine Arithmetic

Wurmlin, Stephan; Lamboray, Edouard; Staadt, Oliver G.; Gross, Markus H.
3D Video Recorder: a System for Recording and Playing Free-Viewpoint Video?

Lensch, Hendrik P.A.; Goesele, Michael; Bekaert, Philippe; Kautz, Jan; Magnor, Marcus A. and Lang, Jochen and Seidel, Hans-Peter
Interactive Rendering of Translucent Objects?

Yang, Ruigang; Welch, Greg; Bishop, Gary
Real-Time Consensus-Based Scene Reconstruction Using Commodity Graphics Hardware?


Reinhard, Erik
Fourth Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and Visualisation