Computer Graphics Forum 2007 / CGF 26 - 1 

Duke, David; Scopigno, Roberto

Lavoue, Guillaume; Dupont, Florent; Baskurt, Atilla
A framework for quad/triangle subdivision surface fitting: Application to mechanical objects

Zhou, Tianshu; Chen, Jim X.; Pullen, Mark
Accurate Depth of Field Simulation in Real Time

Hui, K. C.; Lee, A. H. C.; Lai, Y. H.
Accelerating Refractive Rendering of Transparent Objects

Fu, Hongbo; Kin-Chung Au, Oscar; Tai, Chiew-Lan
Effective Derivation of Similarity Transformations for Implicit Laplacian Mesh Editing

Giegl, Markus; Wimmer, Michael
Unpopping: Solving the Image-Space Blend Problem for Smooth Discrete LOD Transitions

Laycock, S.D.; Day, A.M.
A Survey of Haptic Rendering Techniques

Soulie, Romain; Merillou, Stephane; Terraz, Olivier; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Modeling and Rendering of Heterogeneous Granular Materials: Granite Application

Owens, John D.; Luebke, David; Govindaraju, Naga; Harris, Mark; Krueger, Jens; Lefohn, Aaron E.; Purcell, Timothy J.
A Survey of General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware

Hubbold, Roger; Jorge, Joaquim; Lin, Ming
12th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments

Chiba, Norishige; Galin, Eric
2nd EG workshop on Natural Phenomena September 5th, 2007 Vienna (Austria)

Laycock, R.G.; Laycock, S.D.; Ryder, G.; Day, A.M.
Siggraph 2006 Boston, Massachusetts, 30th July-3rd August 2006

Purgathofer, Werner
EUROGRAPHICS 2006 4 - 8 September, 2006 Vienna, Austria

Eurographics Honorary Fellowship

Eurographics Honorary Fellowship

Eurographics Fellow

CGForum 2007 Cover Image Trillion Triangle Terrain by Andreas Dietrich, Gerd Marmitt and Philipp Slusallek