Computer Graphics Forum 2010 / CGF 29 - 7 

Frontmatter PG 2010

Chen, Yi-Ling; Chen, Bing-Yu; Lai, Shang-Hong; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Binary Orientation Trees for Volume and Surface Reconstruction from Unoriented Point Clouds

Boye, S.; Guennebaud, G.; Schlick, C.
Least Squares Subdivision Surfaces

Peng, Jingliang; Huang, Yan; Kuo, C.-C. Jay; Eckstein, Ilya; Gopi, M.
Feature Oriented Progressive Lossless Mesh Coding

Liu, Yang; Prabhakaran, Balakrishnan; Guo, Xiaohu
Dirichlet Harmonic Shape Compression with Feature Preservation for Parameterized Surfaces

Li, Yong; Ju, Tao; Hu, Shi-Min
Instant Propagation of Sparse Edits on Images and Videos

Huang, Hua; Zhang, Lei; Fu, Tian-Nan
Video Painting via Motion Layer Manipulation

Xiao, Chunxia; Liu, Meng
Efficient Mean-shift Clustering Using Gaussian KD-Tree

Lopez, Luis D.; Ding, Yuanyuan; Yu, Jingyi
Modeling Complex Unfoliaged Trees from a Sparse Set of Images

Dobashi, Yoshinori; Shinzo, Yusuke; Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi
Modeling of Clouds from a Single Photograph

Lan, Yanxiang; Dong, Yue; Wang, Jiaping; Tong, Xin; Guo, Baining
Condenser-Based Instant Reflectometry

Yu, Xuan; Wang, Rui; Yu, Jingyi
Real-time Depth of Field Rendering via Dynamic Light Field Generation and Filtering

Faure, William; Chang, Chun-Fa
Metalights: Improved Interleaved Shading

DeCoro, Christopher; Weyrich, Tim; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Density-based Outlier Rejection in Monte Carlo Rendering

Yang, Baoguang; Dong, Zhao; Feng, Jieqing; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Kautz, Jan
Variance Soft Shadow Mapping

Sibbing, Dominik; Pavic, Darko; Kobbelt, Leif
Image Synthesis for Branching Structures

Kim, Mikyung; Shin, Hyun Joon
An Example-based Approach to Synthesize Artistic Strokes using Graphs

Ijiri, Takashi; Yokota, Hideo
Contour-based Interface for Refining Volume Segmentation

Wang, S.F.; Lai, S.H.
Manifold-Based 3D Face Caricature Generation with Individualized Facial Feature Extraction

Ji, Zhongping; Liu, Ligang; Wang, Yigang
B-Mesh: A Modeling System for Base Meshes of 3D Articulated Shapes

Hnaidi, Houssam; Guerin, Eric; Akkouche, Samir; Peytavie, Adrien; Galin, Eric
Feature based terrain generation using diffusion equation

Xu, Mingliang; Li, Huansen; Lv, Pei; Chen, Wenzhi; Liu, Gengdai; Zhu, Pengyu; Pan, Zhigeng
L4RW: Laziness-based Realistic Real-time Responsive Rebalance in Walking

Lerner, Alon; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos; Shamir, Ariel; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Context-Dependent Crowd Evaluation

Zhu, Bo; Yang, Xubo; Fan, Ye
Creating and Preserving Vortical Details in SPH Fluid

Iwasaki, K.; Uchida, H.; Dobashi, Y.; Nishita, T.
Fast Particle-based Visual Simulation of Ice Melting

Lee, Yongjoon; Yoon, Sung-eui; Oh, Seungwoo; Kim, Duksu; Choi, Sunghee
Multi-Resolution Cloth Simulation

Zhou, Yuanfeng; Sun, Feng; Wang, Wenping; Wang, Jiaye; Zhang, Caiming
Fast Updating of Delaunay Triangulation of Moving Points by Bi-cell Filtering

Abeysinghe, S.S.; Baker, M. L.; Chiu, W.; Ju, T.
Semi-isometric Registration of Line Features for Flexible Fitting of Protein Structures

Liu, L.; Chambers, E. W.; Letscher, D.; Ju, T.
A simple and robust thinning algorithm on cell complexes

Menzel, Nicolas; Guthe, Michael
Towards Perceptual Simplification of Models with Arbitrary Materials

Yu, Li; Lu, Aidong; Ribarsky, William; Chen, Wei
Automatic Animation for Time-Varying Data Visualization

Yan, S.; Max, N.; Ma, K.-L.
Polygonal Surface Advection applied to Strange Attractors