Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2006

Weller, René; Klein, Jan; Zachmann, Gabriel
A Model for the Expected Running Time of Collision Detection using AABB Trees

Govindaraju, Naga K.; Kabul, Ilknur; Lin, Ming C.; Manocha, Dinesh
Fast Continuous Collision Detection among Deformable Models using Graphics Processors

Parkin, S. E.; Andras, P.; Morgan, G.
Managing Missed Interactions in Distributed Virtual Environments

Peternier, Achille; Vexo, Frédéric; Thalmann, Daniel
Wearable Mixed Reality System In Less Than 1 Pound

Novotny, Tom; Lindt, Irma; Broll, Wolfgang
A Multi Modal Table-Top 3D Modeling Tool in Augmented Environments

Fischer, Jan; Cunningham, Douglas; Bartz, Dirk; Wallraven, Christian; Bülthoff, Heinrich; Straßer, Wolfgang
Measuring the Discernability of Virtual Objects in Conventional and Stylized Augmented Reality

Smit, F. A.; Rhijn, A. van; Liere, R. van
GraphTracker: A Topology Projection Invariant Optical Tracker

Fischer, Jan; Eichler, Michael; Bartz, Dirk; Straßer, Wolfgang
Model-based Hybrid Tracking for Medical Augmented Reality

Cerfontaine, Philippe A.; Schirski, Marc; Bündgens, Daniel; Kuhlen, Torsten
Camera Setup Optimization for Optical Tracking in Virtual Environments

Dachselt, R.; Hübner, A.
A Survey and Taxonomy of 3D Menu Techniques

Andujar, C.; Argelaguet, F.
Friction surfaces: scaled ray-casting manipulation for interacting with 2D GUIs

Haan, Gerwin de; Griffith, Eric J.; Koutek, Michal; Post, Frits H.
Hybrid Interfaces in VEs: Intent and Interaction

Assenmacher, I.; Hentschel, B.; Ni, C.; Kuhlen, T.; Bischof, C.
Interactive Data Annotation in Virtual Environments

Tenmoku, R.; Kanbara, M.; Yokoya, N.
A New View Management Method for Wearable Augmented Reality Systems - Emphasizing the User-viewed Object and the Corresponding Annotation -

Lee, Dong Hoon; Kim, Jong Ryul; Jung, Soon Ki
GA based Adaptive Sampling for Image-based Walkthrough