Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2003

Nuber, C.; LaMar, E. C.; Pascucci, V.; Hamann, B.; Joy, K. I.
Using Graphs for Fast Error Term Approximation of Time-varying Datasets

Yang, J.; Ward, M.O.; Rundensteiner, E.A.; Huang, S.
Visual Hierarchical Dimension Reduction for Exploration of High Dimensional Datasets

Luo, Alison; Kao, David; Pang, Alex
Visualizing Spatial Distribution Data Sets

Carr, Hamish; Theußl, Thomas; Möller, Torsten
Isosurfaces on Optimal Regular Samples

Carr, Hamish; Snoeyink, Jack
Path Seeds and Flexible Isosurfaces Using Topology for Exploratory Visualization

Hao, Ming C.; Dayal, Umeshwar; Cotting, Daniel; Holenstein, Thomas; Gross, Markus
Accelerated Force Computation for Physics-Based Information Visualization

Hétroy, F.; Attali, D.
Detection of constrictions on closed polyhedral surfaces

Nielson, Gregory M.; Graf, Gary; Holmes, Ryan; Huang, Adam; Phielipp, Mariano
Shrouds: Optimal Separating Surfaces for Enumerated Volumes

Weber, Gunther H.; Scheuermann, Gerik; Hamann, Bernd
Detecting Critical Regions in Scalar Fields

Andersson, Kristoffer; Kakadiaris, Ioannis A.; Papadakis, Manos; Kouri, Donald J.; Hoffman, David K.
Analysis of the HDAF for Interpolation and Noise Suppression in Volume Rendering

Botha, Charl P.; Post, Frits H.
ShellSplatting: Interactive Rendering of Anisotropic Volumes

Lakare, Sarang; Kaufman, Arie
Anti-Aliased Volume Extraction

Hu, Jiuxiang; Baluch, Page D.; Razdan, Anshuman; Nielson, Gregory M.; Farin, Gerald E.; Capco, David G.
Case Study: Cellar Scaffold Extraction Using Crest Point for Volume Rendering

Leeuw, Wim de; Liere, Robert van
Case Study: Comparing Two Methods for Filtering External Motion in 4D Confocal Microscopy Data

Pekar, V.; Hempel, D.; Kiefer, G.; Busch, M.; Weese, J.
Efficient Visualization of Large Medical Image Datasets on Standard PC Hardware

Theisel, H.; Seidel, H.-P.
Feature Flow Fields

Leeuw, Wim de; Liere, Robert van
MCMR: A Fluid View on Time Dependent Volume Data

Zheng, Xiaoqiang; Pang, Alex
Interaction of Light and Tensor Fields

Wiley, D. F.; Childs, H. R.; Gregorski, B. F.; Hamann, B.; Joy, K. I.
Contouring Curved Quadratic Elements

Bertram, Martin; Tricoche, Xavier; Hagen, Hans
Adaptive Smooth Scattered-data Approximation for Large-scale Terrain Visualization

Telea, Alexandru; Vilanova, Anna
A Robust Level-Set Algorithm for Centerline Extraction

Taponecco, Francesca; Alexa, Marc
Vector Field Visualization using Markov Random Field Texture Synthesis

Mahrous, Karim M.; Bennett, Janine C.; Hamann, Bernd; Joy, Kenneth I.
Improving Topological Segmentation of Three-dimensional Vector Fields

Wartell, Zachary; Kang, Eunjung; Wasilewski, Tony; Ribarsky, William; Faust, Nickolas
Rendering Vector Data over Global, Multi-resolution 3D Terrain

Neophytou, Neophytos; Mueller, Klaus
Post-Convolved Splatting

Roettger1, Stefan; Guthe, Stefan; Weiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas; Strasser, Wolfgang
Smart Hardware-Accelerated Volume Rendering

Doleisch, Helmut; Gasser, Martin; Hauser, Helwig
Interactive Feature Specification for Focus+Context Visualization of Complex Simulation Data

Vivodtzev, Fabien; Linsen, Lars; Bonneau, Georges-Pierre; Hamann, Bernd; Joy, Kenneth I.; Olshausen, Bruno A.
Hierarchical Isosurface Segmentation Based on Discrete Curvature

Chhugani, Jatin; Vishwanath, Sudhir; Cohen, Jonathan; Kumar, Subodh
ISOSLIDER: A System for Interactive Exploration of Isosurfaces

Gao, Jinzhu; Shen, Han-Wei
Hardware-assisted View-dependent Isosurface Extraction using Spherical Partition